Fantastic edible house, which will not give up and adult

Fairy-tale houses that we all saw in cartoons as a child, can not help but like. They amaze the imagination and cause real delight, and not only in children. And what if this fabulous house can still be eaten? Prepare such a delicacy will not be difficult. All that is required is a set of products (some things can be replaced), a little patience and free time. You do not need to bake a cake in the form of a fairy-tale house - you just need to “blind it”, assemble it in parts from finished products.

Prepare for:

  • half a pack of sweet biscuits;
  • a pack of white, milk or black chocolate to taste;
  • pastry bag;
  • knife;
  • cake stand;
  • yellow, brown and green pastry gel (optional);
  • sweet straws;
  • dry breakfast (or puffed rice) and condensed milk (mix to a state of "sticky lump");
  • coconut chips;
  • iris;
  • ready white mastic;
  • unsweetened cocoa powder.

Begin to collect a fabulous edible cake:

1. Cut windows on crackers. To crackers a little softened, put them in a plastic bag with a piece of bread at night.

2. Melt the chocolate in a microwave, pour it into a pastry bag. Begin to glue the walls of the house between them.

3. If using white chocolate, you can tint it with confectionery gel (yellow and brown). However, you can paint the house and just melted chocolate.

4. Make a crumb from cookies (2-3 pieces), mix with green pastry gel (optional). Sprinkle the walls with crumbs.

5. Make a "sticky ball" of a dry breakfast and condensed milk (or melted marshmallows), to form a roof. Top with liquid chocolate bars, attach sweet straws.

6. Place the toffee for a short while in the microwave to melt it. Now it is easy to attach to the house. With a knife, make strips, you can decorate with a bead-handle (edible).

7. From the toffee, chocolate and straws make a mail box and a ladder.

8. Mix coconut chips with green pastry gel (optional), decorate the house.

9. Mastic and cocoa to form mushrooms.

10.Put it all together. One version of the fairytale house is ready!

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