Family values ​​today: tell the stars

“We live in an amazing time, a time of change. It's hard to say whether it's good or bad, maybe changes are always good. If we talk about family and family life, I can say that the attitude to this issue is changing too. I never treated the family as something permanent and unshakable. It was this side of family life that disgusted me the most. No, family and relationships are a living organism, and it, this organism, can survive different times, both good and bad. It can develop rapidly, and can be sick for a long time. The question is who will follow all these processes as an experienced doctor. If there is such a person in a pair, then everything will be fine, but often people give up and don’t want to work on relationships, especially during the “illness” period. Therefore, the family is a work, this is a trivial conclusion.

If we talk about family traditions, then again, two should want it: if one family traditions please and it should be eaten together, and the other, for example, doesn't care where to eat, then there is a lack of tradition in the house.I have always been fascinated by families, where, for example, on Sunday the whole family will certainly gather at dinner and the oldest and youngest members of the family will be present at the table - this is a great happiness and the most correct parenting model for a child. Even if there are not very good relations among relatives, and they overpower themselves and come, they seem to make a choice in the direction of something more and more important. There are no special traditions in my family, I don’t have dinner together due to the specifics of work, so if some spontaneity of the lifestyle can be called a tradition, then it’s about us. ”

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