Eyelash extensions in the salon and at home

Svetlana Rumyantseva

The first false eyelashes appeared in the early 19th century. Hollywood make-up artists framed the eyes of movie stars with a special thread on which artificial black fibers were glued. Elongated eyelashes exclusively on the upper eyelid. On the lower eye crease, the fringe looked unnatural. In the 1920s, only rich people could afford the extension procedure.

In 1950, the demand for artificial eyelashes increased. The hairs resembled natural ones, methods of gluing samples not only on the upper eyelid, but also on the lower one changed. Japanese technologists created cilia, no different from natural hairs. The new technology allowed the eyelashes to be glued with the beam method of application to the eyelid.

Eyelash extensions in the salon and at home

Which eyelash extension is better: in the salon or at home

Before you choose a place for the procedure, you need to consider an important point. Build-up is a simple procedure, painless,meaning knowledge of the technological process, provision with the necessary material, disinfection of tools, first aid in the event of "force majeure" circumstances.

Visiting the beauty parlor

Eyelash extension in an expensive salon does not give a 100% guarantee of the quality of the procedure. For complete confidence in the initial result, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the services of the beauty parlor, to assess the interior of the room.

The procedure is recommended in silence; The couch for the visitor must comply with medical parameters (stable position, soft top leatherette with a foam layer). Master eyelash extension must have a certificate, access to this procedure. It is worth paying attention to the appearance of a specialist, personal qualities, ability to communicate. Excited state beautician can cause accidental injury to the eyelid, improper "attachment" of cilia.

Eyelash extensions in the salon and at home

The advantages of salon eyelash extensions:

After the procedure, the client receives a guarantee of the quality of the procedure (payment receipt).
Medical care for accidental trauma to the eyelids.
There are the necessary tools, a set of eyelashes for extension, professional resin for gluing hairs.

How to prepare for the procedure

Before the procedure, a woman needs to first get a cosmetologist's consultation, decide on the type of cilia, length, quantity, extension method. After the conversation, the time at which the procedure will be scheduled is discussed.

It is recommended to postpone the current affairs on the appointed day. Eyelash extension takes about two hours, to rush in such a delicate matter is not worth it. In the cosmetic cabinet you need to come without make-up. You can not take small children to the salon, they distract the master from the procedure.

Eyelash extensions at home

Give your eyes a charm in the form of elegant eyelashes can be yourself at home. For this it is recommended to take courses on studying the technological process of building up.

There are positive characteristics of home technology:

Lack of financial costs for the work of the master.
The woman is confident in the aseptic and antiseptic necessary tools.
Calm atmosphere.

Who is not recommended to do the procedure

Not every girl can please herself with extended eyelashes. There are a number of reasons why the procedure cannot be done:

Allergic reactions to the components of the resin, ciliary modules, disinfectants.
Viral, respiratory diseases.
Dermatological diseases of the eyelids.
Sensitive eyelid skin.
Excessive loss of eyelashes.
For skin with a high content of sebaceous secretion, only eyelash extensions are suitable.

Classification of artificial eyelashes

Semicircular ribbon models

The hairs are made in one row, attached to the base in the form of a thin ribbon, which is glued to the upper eyelid by means of a gel. There are:

«Puppet "form (round).Cilia are the same hairs on the outer sides and long in the central part.

«Almond-shaped "form.The inner corner of the eyelashes is made of short hairs; the outer corner has the greatest length of hairs. With this form, you can change the natural cut of the eyes on the almond-shaped (oriental type).

Classic form.Corrects the natural size of the eyes. Cilia on the entire surface of the tape have the same length; at the outer corner of the eyelid, the hairs are 1 to 2 millimeters longer than the classical ones. The neutral option is relevant for any type of makeup.

Eyelash extensions in the salon and at home

Tuft eyelashes

A certain number of cilia collected in a bun. Designed to increase the volume of natural hairs on the surface of the upper eyelid.

Unit module

Hairs of different lengths. There are paired in a pair. Apply to accent a particular area of ​​the eyelids.

Fantasy decor

Used for special occasions, events. Cilia are in the form of bundles of feathers, with rhinestones, sparkles. Have a wide color spectrum.

How to choose false eyelashes

Professional masters advise to adhere to the rules when choosing cilia for building.

Synthetic elements cause a number of side effects after the build-up procedure, for example, an allergic reaction. It is recommended to choose materials from natural components: mink pelts, natural hair, hairs from silk. Cilia under the rules of storage can be re-used (up to twenty applications). Ciliary specimens exclude mechanical assembly, the price is much higher than second-rate materials.
At primary use at home it is recommended to purchase materials for eyelash extension in the set, where hairs of different length and thickness are present. The selection method can clearly determine the appropriate pair.
For nude-style make-up, it is not recommended to stick large eyelashes. A look in this case will not look natural.
Ribbon eyelashes can visually add a couple of extra years of age. For young girls, single classic ciliary modules or eyelashes in a bundle are suitable.
Glue for eyelash extension must have a certificate of quality. The composition should not be caustic chemical ingredients that cause burns to the mucous membranes of the eyes.

Eyelash extensions in the salon and at home

Types of eyelash extensions

Superficial tape building

Eyelash extensions can be done at home with false eyelashes. They will give the natural eyelashes the volume and length. There are classic black and decorative cilia. In the second variant, decor elements (rhinestones, bows, feathers) can be present, differ from the classical analogues by the variety of the color spectrum. False eyelashes - ideal for completing makeup at home.

Instructions for use

Make up your eyes. To keep false eyelashes for a long time, it is not recommended to use a liquid eyeliner.
Apply mascara to the inner surface of natural eyelashes.
With the help of tweezers, take one ciliary block, make a "fitting" on top of the natural hairs. The length of the artificial ciliary arc should not go beyond the boundaries of their own eyelashes.
Using a thin wooden stick, apply a glue base to the place where the false eyelashes join the skin of the eyelids. Glue directly on the eyelid is prohibited to apply.
Artificial hairs on the tape are recommended to apply on the skin after 15 seconds after applying the adhesive.
Apply the ciliary line to the top of the root zone of natural hairs, starting from the bridge of the nose.
Gently, without sharp effort, press the glue base over the entire surface with a finger.
Remove extra drops of glue with a thin wooden stick.
Draw arrows with a liquid coloring base, starting from the center of the eyelid around the outer corner of the eye.

Eyelash extensions in the salon and at home

Partial build

Artificial hairs (one by one) are attached with glue only to a certain area of ​​the eyelid (outer corner, central part of the eyelid). The length of the false cilia is greater than the size of the natural. In this case, you can adjust the shape of the cut eyes. To make artificial villi look natural, before the procedure they make coloring of “native” eyelashes.

Japanese style eyelash extensions

This method involves the pipeline gluing cilia. First, one element is glued to the upper eyelid of one eye, then the second cilium is glued proportionally to the second eyelid. The third hair is glued again to the first eyelid, the fourth to the same place on the second eye.

This method is distinguished by the safety of the procedure. The resin for gluing hairs does not get on the mucous membranes, the movable fold of the eye does not become heavier. The loss of cilia occurs not in bundles, but one at a time, which makes the process imperceptible.

Eyelash extensions in the salon and at home

Eyelash extensions beams: 3D effect

The method is in demand among the female half. Eyelashes look effective because of cilia in one bundle, which is glued in a certain area of ​​the fold of the upper eyelid. This technology differs from the previous method: cilia quickly fall out because of the weight of the “beam”.

The ciliary bundles are composed of three, five or eight elements. To glue the ciliary specimens start from the outer corner towards the bridge of the nose. For the thickness of the eyelashes master glues from twelve to twenty beams. Minus "puchkovoy" technology: at the time of the beam is dropped, natural hairs are removedwith a hair follicle deformity. With this type of extension, natural cilia grow more slowly.

Effects of eyelash extensions

There are different ways to eyelash extensions. The final result depends on the method chosen for the procedure.

Classic eyes.The classic eye shape is a universal background for any type of face, type of makeup. "For naturalness" use hairs of two sizes, for example 6 mm and 8 mm. In the outer corner of the eye, the cilia are longer than the inner corner.

"Cat's eyes."Use cilia of three sizes: 6 - 8 - 10 mm. The hairs are fastened according to the scheme of the classical form: long eyelashes on the outer corner of the eye. The section of eyes is extended, the look becomes similar to "cat's". Suitable for all age categories of women.

"Squirrel Eyes."The difference from previous techniques is that long hairs (12 mm) are glued at the outer corner of the eye, departing from the main line of the eyelashes by 5 millimeters. Cilia are used in three sizes: 6 - 8 - 12 millimeters. The technique is recommended for young women.

"The look of innocence."Extended hairs look natural.The incision of the eyes visually expands, the view becomes open. In the technique of hairs are used in two sizes: 6 and 12 mm. Cilia are attached to the natural hairs at the same interval, and the long ones are increased closer to the central part of the century. Suitable for young girls.

"The look of the doll."The hairs are extended along the whole line of natural eyelashes of the same size - 12 mm. Artificial hairs “open” the eyes, create a “puppet” look effect. Recommended for women under 30 years. On a mature face, eyes resembling a doll will not look aesthetically pleasing.

"Cartoon" - 3D.This type of building is common among young people. The wizard uses colored ciliated modules, feathers, glitter, beads as hairs.

Eyelash extensions in the salon and at home

Eyelash extension procedure in the beauty parlor

After prior consultation with the master, the woman comes to the office at the appointed time, after having washed off all makeup at home. Stages of the extension procedure in the cabin:

Selection of the required size of cilia.
Use of primer for degreasing of hairs and eyelids.
The wizard installs special silicone devices on the lower eyelid (Velcro tape).
First, the beautician increases eyelashes in the upper eyelid according to the technology chosen in advance.
The special container is filled with glue for black eyelashes.
The root zone of the hair falls into the resin, the ciliary specimen is attached to the natural cilium.
Master removes excess resin with a thin stick.
At the end of the procedure, silicone pads (sticky tapes) are removed.

After the procedure, it is recommended to sit in a chair, do not immediately go out into the cold air.

How to build eyelashes yourself at home

Before the procedure you need to prepare the necessary tools, materials for building. Standard set :.

Packaging with false hairs of different sizes
Resin (glue)
Thick cardboard
Olive oil

Technological process:

Treat the area of ​​the eyelids, cilia primer or tonic for degreasing.
Clean brasmatic comb hairs.
On one side of the cardboard put the required number of cilia.
On the other side of the cardboard (A4 format), squeeze out a small amount of glue from the tube.
Gently take the hair with tweezers, dip the root zone in the glue.
Glue the hair to the natural lash. The extension process begins with the outer corner of the eye.
Press an artificial hair with a toothpick to the eyelid, hold in this position for 2-5 seconds.
Toothpick to remove residual glue from the eyelashes, holding it from root to tip hairs.
Repeat the manipulation with all cilia.

Eyelash extensions in the salon and at home

Beauty Tips

It is not recommended to wash off after the procedure, use tonics, lotions for five hours.
For skin you need to pick up a water-based cream. Fatty oils destroy glue, which eyelashes were extended.
You can not often touch the false eyelashes.
It is contraindicated after eyelash extensions to visit the bath, sauna for three days.
Mascara is recommended to choose a classic, without a waterproof effect.
During sleep, you cannot turn on your stomach, lean your face against a pillow.
It is not recommended to increase eyelashes when using contact lenses.
After the procedure, after three weeks you need to visit the beauty parlor for the correction of cilia.
If the cilia do not disappear within 6 months, they are recommended to be removed.

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