Eva Longoria is tired of being pregnant

Eva Longoria, who expects the birth of the firstborn, hit the paparazzi's lenses on the way to the Jimmy Kimmel show. In a simple striped dress and slippers, she kindly waved her hand to the photographers and disappeared through the doorway. At the show, the actress came to talk about her role in the film "Overboard," the remake of the famous comedy of 1987 with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, but could not avoid questions about her interesting situation.

Eva Longoria is tired of being pregnantEva Longoria is tired of being pregnant

Eva complained to the moderator that before the tabloids constantly attributed her pregnancy. "I had to eat a burger, as I saw the headlines" Eve is pregnant! ", Bite off the pizza -" The baby is coming! "- she recalls. “And when did this really happen, what did I see?” Headlines "Eva has strongly gained weight!" ". "How do I feel?" - the future mom is laughing. - Uncomfortable. Not only my stomach, my whole body increased in size. I never thought that my breasts could be so big! It is not easy". "It seems to me that I'm very tired, that I'm very sick," she continued, with her usual sense of humor.“But actually I'm just pregnant.”

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