Envelope for a newborn boy

The birth of a boy in any family is a very great joy, which, together with young parents, want to share with relatives, friends and family. Everyone is preparing gifts not only for parents, but first of all for a newborn boy. With the advent of the baby, new worries appear in parents, which they were not familiar with before. From the first days of life, a baby needs a lot: a stroller, a cot with a bed, diapers, vests, bottles, rattles, sliders, socks, baby food, and so on. So the costs to the parents are quite significant, so any gifts will be happy and the parents and their baby. Everyone can give a gift to their liking and at their discretion, the main thing is that it is useful and necessary for the baby. Well, in order not to wrestle at all, if you need your gift or not, you can donate money in this case. The monetary gift in our times is more and more preferable.Parents will be able to choose and buy what they consider the most important for their son. For a money gift you need an envelope that will remain for a long memory, and when the baby grows up, the parents will tell him from whom the gift was given. The envelope can be made with your own hands and the scrapbooking technique will help us with this. Handmade gifts are very valuable and are now increasingly in demand. With this master class we will master a scrapbooking lesson, thanks to which we will do our own hands and make an envelope for a cash gift to a newborn boy. Take the following: • A sheet of pastel-colored lettuce-colored paper, A4 format; • • Scrapbooking paper of two varieties in green and white colors (on children's themes), different sizes; • Color pictures for a newborn boy; • A little watercolor paper for inscriptions; • • Acrylic stamps: “Happy Jam Day”, cake drawing ; • Black ink pad; • White lace ; • Rep ribbons, one blue with a children's print, and the second one salatneva with white polka dots, both 1 cm wide; • A narrow light green satin ribbon for ties; • Cutting butterflies and dill green, round openwork of children's paper; • Flowers and leaves of glued yellow fabric,green and marsh colors; • Large flower of green hydrangea; • Green and lettuce half beads; • Colored half bead with a diameter of 6 mm; • Figured punch; • Glue gun, pencil, ruler , scissors, double-sided adhesive tape, PVA glue, elastic band, sewing machine. Envelope for a newborn
Converter for a newborn Take a sheet of pastel paper and cut a rectangle of 17 * 27 cm from it. Now we turn over horizontally with the larger side and divide it into three parts of 9 cm.
Envelope for the newborn
 Envelope for a newborn
Making bending lines with scissors, folding the workpiece, cut it on the third side axis, as in the photo. Now we are preparing the top decoration.
 Envelope for the newborn
 Envelope for a newborn We cut out figures from pictures and scrapbumages in sizes, as in the photo,we get these figures.
 Envelope for newborn
 The envelope for the newborn
With a double-sided tape, we put one scrapbook into another, sew it on a sewing machine. We glue the picture with the teddy bear onto the scrapbook, also we sew the picture with a machine.
 Conversion for a newborn
 Converter for a newborn
Picture with a stork we glue on a large rectangle of double scrapbook, stitch it with a machine. We cut off about 11 cm from each strip of ribbon, cut off the strip of white lace 11 cm and two strips of 15 cm from the narrow satin ribbon for the bow.
Conversion for a newborn

Converter for a newborn
We put lace and ribbon on the front rectangle, sew them together with a machine. The second repack tape is applied below under the picture with a bear and also we sew.Ribbons for ribbons glue on the front and back sides of the envelope on pastel blank. Now on a double-sided tape we glue a large rectangle onto the front part, with a teddy bear to the inside, and on the back part in the center we glue a round cutout of children's paper, on top of the paper, a picture with a Teddy bear and sew on the edge of the machine.
Conversion for a newborn
 Envelope for a newborn Glue the glue on the envelope pocket. With a hole punch we make a bow inside the envelope on top. Stamp with a cake stamp inside the envelope and outside with black ink.
 Conversion for a newborn
 Converter for a newborn
On watercolor we stamp paper “Happy Jam Day”, cut and tint the edges along the edges.
 Conversion for new born
We glue the inscription under the picture with scotch tape.

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