English grammar: rules and nuances

If we compare the Russian and English grammatical systems as a whole, it turns out that the latter is simpler. But its study sometimes causes significant difficulties. This is due to the discrepancy between some Russian and English grammatical categories, their specific features in the English language.
Grammatical features of nouns:
- In English, nouns do not have the category of gender and case. The system of endings or inflections is also much simpler than in Russian: there are no specific endings for each category of person, gender or number.
- With nouns in English, articles are used - definite or indefinite. There are no analogues of the indefinite article in the Russian language. Conventionally, it can be translated as "one of many", as well as with the help of Russian indefinite pronouns. The definite article in English can to some extent serve as an analogue of demonstrative pronouns in Russian and denote �this particular�.
Grammatical features of the verbs:
- A particular difficulty when learning English grammar is the system of English verbs. Indeed, if in Russian the verb means only the action of the object, then in English the verbs used in different tenses also describe the nature of the flow of this action. In addition, there are special rules for reconciling times.
- Complicates the use of verbs in different kinds of tense forms and the fact that English verbs are divided into regular and irregular. Irregular verbs have special forms of shaping that have to be memorized.
In addition, in English there are modal verbs missing in Russian, expressing not an action itself, but an attitude towards it (recommendation, possibility, etc.).
- Many verbs in English are multi-functional. Thus, the verb to be can be both a meaningful verb, and also function as an auxiliary verb-link, and also act as a modal verb.
- Many verbs that form stable combinations with prepositions change their original meaning.
Features word formation.English word formation is also quite simple (compared to Russian) word formation system. There are only about a dozen word-forming suffixes that are easy to remember. At the same time, the same word can act in English as a noun, a verb, and an adjective. Accordingly, this reduces the overall lexical composition of the language, which also simplifies its study.
Features of the construction of proposals. Sentences in English are built according to one, strictly defined pattern. The word order in them is fixed: first, if necessary, the circumstances of the place or time are used, then the subject, then the predicate, followed by the addition and circumstances. When constructing an interrogative sentence, its structure changes in a certain way: the auxiliary verb comes out on top. The word order in English cannot be changed: it will be a mistake.

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