Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in the musical La La Land

It is unlikely that on the screen today you can find a more harmonious couple than Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling! Hollywood actors who are just friends in life are well aware of this, so they came together again to tell us another love story - a jazz pianist and an actress who promises great promise. From past films (the comedy “This Foolish Love” and the drama “Gangster Hunters”), a new work by Damien Chazelle (by the way, the director of “Obsession”, who didn’t watch - urgently catch up on what was lost!) and the musical. So, we are waiting for romantic serenades and dancing under the moon.

The web has already appeared two trailers in which Ryan and Emma demonstrate their vocal abilities. Do not miss, the film “La La Land” was entrusted with the honor to open the 73rd Venice Film Festival, which starts next week, on the last day of summer - so this tape is definitely worth a look!

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