Elizabeth Hurley admitted that the 15-year-old son makes beach photos of her

The beach photos of 52-year-old Elizabeth Hurley are admired by many of her fans - for obvious reasons. The actress boasts a gorgeous figure and is not inferior to her younger colleagues. But the question is: who takes all these pictures, if none of them is Liz captured with a satellite?

It turns out that quite often the photographer is her 15-year-old son Damian. The actress told about this after Valentine's Day: in honor of the holiday, she published a picture in which she was posing topless, throwing only a translucent red cape on herself. Hurley's fans were quite embarrassed and even shocked by her statement: some called such a mother-son relationship "abnormal," and others were amused by the supposed picture, as Liz once again asks Damian to take a photo of her "on-the-palm with that palm tree, but more beautiful, and so that no folds could be seen. ”

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