Electronic devices on the go

Electronic devices on the goYou use electronic devices on a trip.

You, like many others, have snooping and flashing devices that help you keep in touch with work and home during business trips and store the necessary information. We are talking about organizers, pagers, mobile phones, laptops, palmtops, etc. Today, many of us have to carry several such devices with us at the same time. Women usually put them all in a bag that is worn on the shoulder, which harms the posture and ultimately harms the health. Men try to attach everything to their belts, deteriorating the appearance of noticeable bulges under the jacket.


How to deal with these problems? You can combine multiple devices into one. For example, most mobile phones are equipped with notebooks, which is convenient and reduces the number of items in your bag.


Do not take a mobile phone with you for a meeting or lunch where it is undesirable to use it. Leave it in the drawer of the table, after transferring the call to the "silent" mode, so as not to distract colleagues. In many situations, you do not need a laptop. Leave it in the office.So you not only look more elegant, but also do not risk forgetting a laptop in a restaurant or taxi.


If you can't part with your electronic toys, keep them all in one place. Ideally suited for this leather or plastic case.


Useful tips for every day during the trip, remember the following.


If you take a laptop with you, put it in a special case, which, by the way, can occasionally replace a folder for papers.


If airport security representatives ask you to turn off your computer, mobile phone, pager, or other electronic device, follow their request.


If a flight attendant asks you to turn off electronic devices, do it. Your devices may interfere with the aircraft's communication with the ground, which will endanger the safety of the entire aircraft.

Useful tips for life, do not talk on a cell phone when the stewardess talks about the rules of conduct in emergency situations. Even if you constantly fly by airplane and know everything, for other passengers this information can be vital.


If during the flight you work with a laptop, watch your elbows, especially if you are sitting between two other passengers. If you disturb them, better rest.In such circumstances, you still do not gain much.

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