Eclectic - an unusual style for the interior

If you can not decide on the style of the interior, then just mix a few styles and create an unusual and unique design. It will help you in this creative style of eclecticism.

What it is?

Eclecticism is not so much a single style as a combination, combination and mixing of several stylistic directions. Many people think that this is a real bad taste, but in fact it is not. Eclectic style involves not chaotic and rash borrowing, and thinking through every detail. As a result, a distinctive, unique and unique design is born.

Great design

What styles can be mixed? Almost any! If you are a conservative, then connect close directions, such as modern, classicism, Empire, baroque. But modern eclecticism opens up broad opportunities and allows you to combine the stylistic trends of different eras, literally linking the new and the old.

So if your soul requires something bright, then try to combine, for example, modern and laconic high-tech with a bright ethnic style or art-deco from the east.Do not be afraid to experiment, it will only benefit.

A bit of history

Translated from the Greek word "eclecticism" is translated as "selective", "chosen." In general, such term was introduced by the ancestor of the philosophical school of eclecticism Potamon in the distant II century, but then it meant something other than style.

Paint added

In architecture, this area appeared at the beginning of the XIX century and remained popular from about the 1830s to the 1890s. Then they gradually began to forget about eclecticism, but everyone knows that the new is a well-forgotten old, so eclecticism once again attracted both designers and ordinary people.

Character traits


We list the main features of the eclectic style:

  • The combination of different styles or their individual elements.
  • Mixing styles, it should be remembered that all the matching details should have some common features, such as colors, textures. Otherwise, the room will look like a dump.
  • Unusual prints. Drawings must be present in the design, they will help to refresh and revitalize the room.
  • A variety of surfaces. Unusual elements give the style a special charm.
  • Abundance of accessories.They emphasize originality and originality.
  • Variety of forms. Eclectic allows you to combine straight lines and sharp corners with rounded details and even with complex shapes.
  • A variety of stylistic directions does not interfere with making the room comfortable, cozy and functional. In such a room everything is in its place, nothing hinders, each object has its own purpose.

When is the style appropriate?

Eclecticism is perfect for creative and keen nature, looking for the meaning of life. Such people are often engaged in collecting, and collection exhibits can be used to decorate the room.


Eclectic style more harmoniously look in the interior of a country house or cottage, as it requires spaciousness and large space. The design of the apartment can also be eclectic, but remember that the rooms should be large enough, as in a small room this style will be just cramped, and the dwelling itself will resemble a landfill or vault for unnecessary things.

How to equip the interior in an eclectic style?

The interior of any room consists of several main parts.Some of them should be described in detail.


A lot of details

Finishing plays a very important role, since it will largely determine the overall atmosphere inherent in the room.

  • Walls. They should be a basic and fairly calm background. Remember that the focus will be on individual interior items, so if you overload the background, the room will become too colorful, which is unacceptable. So let the walls be solid. But this does not mean at all that they should be pale, the use of bright tones is permissible and even encouraged. For decoration you can use wallpaper, paint, tile or decorative plaster. The role of cutting can have frescoes, stucco or original borders.
  • The ceiling also partly plays the role of a background, but it can be brighter and more prominent. But the selection is better to achieve not due to the brightness of the tones, but due to the originality. For example, you can create a multi-layered composition, highlight several zones or focus on using a combination of different materials or colors.
  • Floor. Valid variety of options. All current coatings will be appropriate: carpet, laminate, parquet, tile, linoleum.The floor can be bright and even decorated with patterns, but at the same time it should be combined with interior items, not too stand out from the general background and be single-level.

Choice of furniture

When choosing furniture, remember that it should have something in common, that is, be combined in form, texture, decor elements, design or size. But at the same time it is not only possible, but also necessary to combine items from different styles and even eras. For example, in the living room, next to a designer leather round sofa, an antique round coffee table made of wood will look harmoniously.

Living room

The bedroom can be placed around a large bed with wrought-iron legs modern massive chest of drawers with bronze handles. It is quite possible to mix different surfaces (glossy and matte), as well as different fabrics, for example, elegant silk with coarse flax. But the most important thing is common features, remember this!

Color solutions and drawings

There are no restrictions, so you can safely use any of your favorite colors. And still remember about the compatibility, otherwise the room will not look like a dwelling, but a decorated shop window.

Use as a background pastel colors: beige, sand, peach. The role of accents can play deep and noble tones, for example, burgundy, brown, emerald. But brighter colors will also be appropriate (for example, blue, blue, coral). But it is better to refuse acid shades, they can overshadow the main idea - a mixture of styles.


Prints will not only be relevant, but also allow you to make the interior even more original. You can mix and match with each other a variety of patterns: geometric, polka dots, cell, floral, abstract and even animalistic. Do not be afraid to experiment.


Interesting decorative elements: ruffles, brushes, draperies, embroidery, beads or beads, rhinestones, carved elements, murals, stucco. All this is perfectly combined with each other. But do not overdo it, remember the general outline.


Accessories will complement the furniture and revive the interior. You can use paintings, statues, vases, candlesticks, bedspreads, pillows, tablecloths, dishes, collectible exhibits, and so on. The role of an independent accessory can play curtains. You can lay a bright carpet on the floor.

Helpful Tips

Some useful tips:

  1. You should not combine several styles at once; their maximum number is three.
  2. To get started, look at the photos of the interiors to understand the principle and characteristics of the combination, as well as evaluate your perception of eclectic design.
  3. Play on contrasts.
  4. Avoid confusion and remember that every object should have its own specific place.
  5. Apply layering. For example, place large objects in front of large objects, and then arrange smaller ones. This will help balance and streamline a variety of trends and ideas.
  6. Two different things can be made similar with parts and accessories. For example, combine a sofa and a coffee table with napkins and pillows made from one fabric.
  7. Periodically make changes to the design, you have this opportunity. Change the details, textures, location of objects.

Create your own unique eclectic design!

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