Drinking berries and fruits

Drinking berries and fruitsRaw material Apples, pears, lingonberries, cranberries and other fruits and berries are subjected to urination. The greatest prevalence in many areas of the country was urinating apples. High-quality finished product is obtained when the content in the source apples Sugars in the amount of 8-12% and acids - 0.7-1.0%. Recommended varieties for urinating are: Antonovka ordinary, Anis striped, Pepin saffron, Rennet Simirenko, Calvil snow, Parmen winter gold, etc.


Preparation of raw materials. Apples are sorted by quality and calibrated, washed in drum, grain elevators or other washers.


Cranberries and lingonberries are sorted, removing impurities from the collection (leaves, twigs, moss, etc.); then washed and packed in barrels or glass bottles, slightly podtrambovyvaya berries.


The dripping of apples. Prepared apples are placed tightly in clean barrels lined with a layer of rye straw 2 cm thick. To prevent the formation of stains, each layer of apples is replaced with straw. After filling, the barrels are sealed and poured through the tongue-and-groove holes with a solution containing 1.5% salt, 2-3% sugar, molasses or honey and I% broth of malt or 1.5% rye flour.Flooded barrels are kept on the site at a temperature of 15-20 ° C for three to five days for preliminary fermentation in order to accumulate 0.3-0.4% of lactic acid. Next, check the strength of the barrels and transport them to a cooled basement or glacier for subsequent fermentation. The process of urinating apples continues for one month at a temperature of 10-12 ° С (in uncooled warehouses) and one and a half months - at - 1 - 5 ° С (in refrigerated rooms). In these conditions, and store apples.


The dripping of cranberries and cowberries. Berries pour in 10% sugar solution or water. After filling, the barrels are kept in a warm room for three to five days, then they are checked, sealed and transported to refrigerated storages.


Requirements for finished products. In terms of organoleptic characteristics, ready-to-peeled apples should have a smooth surface without spots, a color white with a creamy tinge, an elastic consistency, a sweetish-salty taste. Apples should contain from 0.6 to 1.5% lactic acid, 0.8-1.8% (by volume) of wine alcohol, 5-6% sugar and 0.5-1.0% common salt. Apples should be at least 55% of their total weight with brine.

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