Dresses Spring 2014

Dresses Spring 2014The dress is the enthusiastic views of men, attractiveness, romance and self-confidence. Putting on a dress, a woman turns into a real princess - coveted, sexy and attractive. What styles of dresses will be relevant in the spring-summer season of 2014?


Top of the most fashionable dresses spring-summer 2014


1. Peplum Dresses


A distinctive feature of the dress - peplum - the presence of a shuttlecock in the waist, which visually lengthens the figure and makes the woman more graceful. The length of this dress - for every taste from midi to maxi. Peplum can be with or without sleeves, evening fashion offers peplum with a deep neckline or open back.


It is worth mentioning the color scheme chosen by the leading fashion designers for the spring-summer of 2014. Leading dull colors - beige, caramel, gray, blue. In addition to the almost pastel tones, collections of leading fashion houses offer models with a bright geometric print.


Dresses Spring 2014


2. Dress Shirts


One of the favorites for the next season will be comfortable and versatile shirt-cut dresses. Silk, tweed, cotton and satin - in this season, dresses-shirts are precisely from these materials.


Dresses Spring 2014


That is, it is not only a classic cage, but also, not devoid of femininity, decorated with lace, embroidery and other various decorative elements, comfortable dress-dresses with a low waist, wedges, fitted with a deep neckline. And in the spring-summer 2014 season, not only classic-length dress-shirts (to mid-thigh), but also models “to the floor” are in fashion.


Dresses Spring 2014


If you want to emphasize the waist, feel free to use the belt in any of its variations - an indisputable favorite of the coming season.


3. Dresses - midi


Medium-length dresses will take pride of place among the fashionable models of the spring-summer 2014 season. Such models lengthen the figure, add grace and fragility to the woman. Designers offer a variety of medium-length dresses. For women with narrow hips, such dresses with a full skirt and a tight, almost corset top are ideal. Narrow classic midi dresses will help to emphasize the waist and chest.


Dresses Spring 2014


4. Little Black Dress by Coco Chanel


Black dress from the legendary and inimitable Coco Chanel is in fashion again. Their distinctive features - a straight silhouette, length slightly above the knee and a minimum of jewelry. But this is a classic option.Modern designers have allowed to add new elements - flared skirt is allowed - such a dress is very comfortable for everyday use. The evening black little dress can be deeply décolleté and decorated with lace, have a transparent skirt and leather inserts.


Dresses Spring 2014


5. Dresses with pleated skirts


Another very fashionable accent in the dresses of the spring-summer 2014 season is pleated skirts that were popular about 20 years ago. As a rule, such dresses have a length above the knee, but many designers have created quite sophisticated evening dresses with a pleated “ankle-length” skirt. These models give femininity, romance and emphasize feminine finesse.


The main colors of dresses spring-summer 2014


The color leader is white. Also very fashionable dresses in the so-called linen style. The actual decoration of dresses, created on the basis of white lace. On the second place - caramel shades in a combination to translucent fabrics. Pastel is back in fashion. Floral motifs are also welcomed, but again in delicate light tones.


Dresses Spring 2014


Of the bright colors, the favorite of the 2014 season is yellow and all its shades.Feel free to buy an evening dress in gold or black.


Decoration stylish dress 2014


As decorations, designers often use embroidery, and on a contrasting background. In the fashion of gold embroidery on a black background. Transparent inserts are very relevant. The favorite of the season is transparent chiffon.


It should be noted that for decisive ladies who want to emphasize their sexuality, fashion designers offer dresses made of leather. Monochromatic asymmetrical models of dresses with a floral print are especially fashionable.

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