Do-it-Yourself DIY Kindergarten

In kindergarten, the question of the original design of the group and the reception room always remains relevant. Children's crafts make a good appearance for the rooms. And some of them - for example, crafts made by children with their own hands, can fully participate in creating the interior.

Crafting a fish with your own hands for kindergarten can be done in various ways using the appliqué technique. This will allow you to use it to decorate the wall.

 Crafting a fish for yourself with a kindergarten

Making a fish with your own hands for kindergarten

The application can be made from colored paper or cardboard, and from more interesting materials - for example, paper cakes for cupcakes.

It's enough just to paste a few colored shapes to the blue background, previously for each of themsticking a small triangular "tail" - and you will get a pretty aquarium.

 We paste molds from under the muffins and ponytails

We glue the molds from under the muffins and ponytails

A lot of similarity with real fish shapes will give toy eyes and black markers painted with black markers.

Glue the eyes

Sticky eyes "

If desired, you can fill the" aquarium "with air bubbles, in the role of which the blue sequins and circles of confetti look organically.

We paste the patches

 Fish application

Fish application

You can make the aquarium more voluminous using colored plastic caps imitation leather or cardboard and dark green tissue paper.

For each lid we cut out a triangular tail of artificial leather or cardboard suitable for size and color.

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