Decorate a vase with wooden mosaic

We decorate a vase with wooden mosaic- we decorate a regular or old vase to give it a new life with wooden circles (sawn-off) from branches.

Materials and tools:

  1. branches from 0.5 to 3 cm in diameter;
  2. carpenter's glue (or hot glue gun);
  3. vase;
  4. saw;
  5. sandpaper;
  6. varnish (linseed oil) and brush.

Step 1

Buy an idle vase or take an old one, wash it and preferably degrease it.

Take the twigs and cut them into rounds 0.5 cm thick - this will be quite enough. It should be a lot of round-sized different size.

Let's start gluing wooden rounds to a vase. Starting from the bottom of the vase we glue the kruglyashi, smear well with kruglyash glue (there is no need to spare any glue). We alternate   large, medium and small roundels.

After the glue dries, we grind the rounds, it’s best to use a grinding machine.To protect the wood we cover it with varnish.

A vase decorated with wooden mosaicis ready.

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