Cowboy boots - the most fashionable couple of autumn

Genuine leather Cossack boots

"Unprepared" for cowboy style, people should start their acquaintance with the most fashionable shoes of the season with classic and "safe" models. Massimo Dutti found just such - from smooth black leather without extra lines or decorative inserts.

Massimo Dutti Cossack Boots

Cossack boots Massimo Dutti (13 990 rub.)

Cossack boots on heels

If you are not a fan of flat soles and you think that shoes should definitely have a heel, then we have found a single model “at a height” - with a wide heel of 10 centimeters and from genuine leather.

Asos Cossack Boots

Cossack boots Asos (6 890 rub.)

Cossack boots with a metal buckle

Topshop brought the Cossack boots in their original version almost to perfection: here you have embroidery stitching, and the gilding decor visible at a distance. In this pair, you can even go to the casting of filming a western.

Topshop Cossack Boots with Metal Buckle

Topshop Cossack Boots with Metal Buckle (£ 89)

Printed Cossack Ankle Boots

One “predator”, a cowboy-style boots made of leather with a python-patterned pattern, went into the rows of monophonic models.By the way, the skin is more than natural, but not snake, but goat.

Uterque Cossack Ankle Boots

Botilion-Cossacks Uterque (10 990 rub.)

White Cossack Boots

Let us add to the selection this quite summer model of the Cossacks as a silent hope that autumn will still be warm and dry enough to be photographed against the background of foliage in dresses and white shoes.

Dolce Vita Cossack Boots

Cocktail boots Dolce Vita (6 594 rub. On a discount)

Cossack boots with embroidery

We used to paint such autumn at the lessons of fine art at school: bright red, like the fruits of mountain ash, and poetic, like a dance of foliage falling from the sky. Designers Zara once again romanticized the autumn in this pair of shoes, which, except with dresses, and wear more with anything you do not want.

Zara Cossack Boots

Boots-Cossacks Zara (8 999 rub.)

Genuine Leather Cossack Ankle Boots

In appearance, this pair looks no less elegant than classic black pumps with heels. Therefore, we will leave it here both as an interseason model, and as an option for interchangeable shoes to the office in winter.

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