Cover for teapot

People who do not like to drink tea, are rare enough. Surely everyone knows that teapots are made from clay. Therefore, they do not need to be heated over an open fire, as they are intended for brewing tea. I propose to do it yourself using a knitting technique to make a beautiful case for a teapot. This cover can simply paint your kettle, or hide some flaws. After all, it happens that in the most conspicuous place there was some kind of trouble, or over time the drawing became pale and inconspicuous, and the teapot itself triples you completely. The cover for the teapot can be made as a gift to a loved one. The following materials will be needed:
  • The yarn is blue.
  • The yarn is beige.
  • The yarn is red.
  • The yarn is green.
  • The hook.
  • The knitting needles. >
  • Needle.
  • Button.
We take the yarn of beige color and we type 36 loops on the needles. Knit 6 next to facial viscous. Then go to beige yarn and knit already purl 3 rows, then go back to beige yarn.
Cover for teapot
 Cover for the teapot
Alternating strips of different yarns knit, until you get 5 strips of beige yarn. Depending on the size of the teapot, there may be less or more strips. The size should be determined by your kettle. Now you need to leave a hole for the teapot spout. To do this, we sew 12 loops, and the next 19 loops are closed. The remaining 6 loops knit.
Cover for teapot
In the next row you need to restore the missing loops, that is, we knit 6 loops and type 19 loops on the knitting needle and again knit 12 loops. Thus, the 36 loops are back on the knitting needle.
Cover for the teapot
Beige yarn knit the same strip as before the hole formed. We knit the second half, as well as the first, alternating strips of beige and blue yarn. Cover for teapot
We close the hinges. Dress up the blank on the teapot. Cover for the teapot We thread the thread of any color into a needle and begin to sew from the lid. On the thread we collect the top of the product and tighten it to the size of the handle from the cover. Cover for teapot Sew a handle at the top and sew a button at the bottom and make a buttonhole on the other side. We fasten. Cover for the teapot Now we will make a rose and leaves for it, we will crochet. We knit a chain of 8 loops and round it into a ring.  Cover for the teapot Then we knit the chain again and fix it so that rose petal. So, we knit until you get a thick rose. The cover for the teapot From the green yarn with a hook to link 3 leaves.
Cover for the teapot
Sew the leaves to the rose. And we sew the rose itself to the teapot case. The cover for the teapot is ready!
 Cover for teapot
 Cover for the teapot

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