Conversations on souls: interview with Anastasia Kostenko

Anastasia Kostenko - the second “Vice-Miss Russia - 2014”, benefactor, the beloved of the famous football player Dmitry Tarasov and just a beautiful girl. In SUNMAG, 23-year-old Anastasia revealed her beauty secrets, told how she fights against heyter and how her boyfriend influenced her.

Nastya, you are very slim. Do you have a miracle diet?

I used to eat well and felt great. Now I eat everything, without bothering, will this portion of dessert be harmed or not? But I plan to return to the former way of life.
I have no special secrets. I don’t like heavy breakfasts, I prefer a banana with milk whipped in a blender. For lunch, traditionally the first and second, and for dinner - proteins with light carbohydrates, such as steamed fish or meat with vegetables.

Publication from Anastasia Kostenko (@ kostenko.94)Apr 30 2017 at 10:20 PDT

And what about sports? Do you do some kind of exercise?

I prefer moderate fitness. But I do not like the complex of exercises on my hands, because I think that they should be feminine, not pumped.

How do you start your morning?

I take a shower first and then a light breakfast follows. I teach myself to drink water regularly, this has been a problem since childhood.

Do you do beauty procedures?

I am a fan of massages and innocuous cleansing, for example hydrafacial. This treatment moisturizes, exfoliates and regenerates the skin.

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In the wardrobe of each girl there are three to five essential things. And you have?

My indispensable thing is mood. Based on it, and an image is made. I am an adherent of the rule “Comfort, not fashion,” although sometimes it is possible to combine these two directions.

Do you have a favorite color?

I prefer things in white and black, as well as solid bright colors.

How do you feel about shopping? Tell me about the last purchase.

I love shopping, but not for hours. If I spend more than two hours searching for clothes, I start to go crazy. From recent purchases - dress and shoes to the wedding.

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You're dating a football player. Did it somehow affect your manner of dressing? Maybe she began wearing sports clothes more often?

In fact, during the day, I am always “on the sport”: I wear sneakers, shirts, and sweat pants. The only thing that influenced the boyfriend was the change of Adidas to Nike.

Dmitry Tarasov daily trains. Does she force you?

In this regard, he was lucky, I do not need to be forced to work on the body, I was accustomed to this ballet, which I used to do.

You are the second "Vice-Miss Russia - 2014". Many beauties are engaged in charity ...

I have a direct relationship to this activity, but I do not like to boast about it.

You have a popular instagram account - 338 thousand subscribers. How do you fight heathers? Every beautiful girl has them.

Just ignore. This moment has finally come when the opinion of people with whom I do not know personally is indifferent to me. By the way, most often these are pages that do not have their own face, the so-called “I”.

You have a young mother. How often do you communicate with her? Do you miss your family?

Of course, because we now live in different cities, but we try to correct the situation and visit each other. I have excellent relations with my mother, this is my best friend, with whom I communicate daily and always feel her support, regardless of time, situation and action, the so-called three unities. Mom is a great woman to me.

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