Consumer attractiveness of ceramic tiles

The history of creation and tiling is deeply rooted in the centuries, when the rafts were created from baked clay and painted by hand, and were so expensive that they were only available to a very rich class.

With the advent of automation and plant technology, in the 20th century, tile trimming became more accessible, and in each apartment you could already see a tiled floor, a classic brown color from square tiles. But today we see an incomparable variety of colors, structures and diainas; everyone can create a room that will meet all the needs of its owner!

Increasingly, ceramic tiles become a variant of finishing not only bathrooms. Tiles in various colors and designs are used in hallways, dining rooms and kitchens and even in living rooms. It is in demand in the halls of cafes and restaurants, perfectly replaces wallpaper and decorative plaster in offices.So what are its advantages?

Ceramic tiles have gained their popularity due to the following properties:

  • Appearance. The variety of shades, the possibility of making various combinations, the use of patterns and decorative inserts make tile the most popular finishing material. Its application allows you to create works of art in the truest sense of the word.
  • Sustainability. The production of tiles is based on the technology of burning clay, which itself is a natural non-toxic material.
  • Fire safety. The tile is one of non-combustible materials, which makes its use in public premises and in residential buildings absolutely safe. Neither wallpaper, nor linoleum or laminate can boast of such properties. In addition, when burning, they somehow emit toxic substances, whereas the tile does not differ in contact with fire.
  • Moisture resistance. Structured tiles - the best solution for bathrooms, bathrooms, hamam and pools. It does not collapse from direct contact with water and creates a durable anti-slip flooring.
  • Low electrical conductivity.It is also an important characteristic that can save you from problems with static or stray currents, since ceramics are an excellent insulator.

Of course, these properties are far from the most important. These include the affordable cost of ceramics, and its durability. Ved, to a large extent, the choice of finishing materials is based on your existing budget.

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