Compatibility Lviv and Rakov: the best friend or the worst enemy?

Maria Svetlaya June 26, 2018

Astrologers recognize this alliance as extremely difficult. Even if at first the couple has a lot in common, and they easily find a common language, in a short time it can easily change, and then quarrels and conflicts are inevitable. A happy union is possible only with long and joint work on relationships. Everyone will have to temper their ambitions to stay together.

It is necessary to take into account that leadership qualities are strong in Leo, and Cancer, despite its outward gentleness and modesty, is a cardinal sign. This means that he is the least flexible of the three signs of his element and the most stubborn.

Raki is rather gray cardinals than explicit kings.

Leo and Cancer Compatibility Chart

In love In sex Married In friendship
Average High Average Average

Compatibility of a Male Lion and a Female Cancer: Pros and Cons of Relationships

Under the ideal set of circumstances in this pair, everyone will be able to learn from the partner something new for themselves and show their best qualities. Here, no one needs to play other people's roles. After all, the fire sign is a man in his brightest manifestation. ACancer is a real womansoft and romantic.

This combination can be perfect. After all, Leo, who has realized all his ambitions with the support of a loving wife, is able to provide for his family. And the economic Cancer girl knows how to preserve the acquired wealth, which is important when Lev is squandered.

how the relationship between Leo and Cancer

Astrologers recognize the union of Leo and Cancer is extremely difficult


But there are problems. Both signs are stubborn. And if the soft Cancer does not try to change the spouse, then the man will not miss the opportunity to press on the chosen one in order to get what they want. The latter is not ready for radical changes in the personality, and therefore Leo is assured of bouts of the melancholy of his companion. A water sign will tirelessly jealous of Leo for his high life, but if a man becomes a reclusive, it will not do him good.

Are they compatible in love?

In this pair, the sun sign is most often the initiator of relations. The Cancer Girl, to the great surprise of Leo, will not consider his charisma worthy as a dignity. She may even consider his behavior arrogant. After all, the Cancers themselves prefer to keep in the shadow, and not to shine the soul of the company. They value modesty and honesty.

Accustomed to Leo's easy love victories, the Cancer girl is able to intrigue, so he will rush to conquer the impregnable fortress with all his might. And, most likely, will achieve reciprocity

But whether this novel will be happy depends on the ability of both to respect the characteristics of each other’s characters. At a minimum, both should soberly assess the situation and not try to re-elect the elect, because it will not lead to anything good. The lion is not used to obey, and Cancer, being a cardinal sign, is also not ready to change to please another.

In most cases, Leo and Cancer will spend their leisure time in different places. Unless the girl will occasionally appear in the company of a big cat, just to remind that he is no longer alone.

Boyfriend lion and girl cancer in sex

In bed, these two will find plenty of pleasure. They complement each other well.After all, Leo is ruled by the bright Sun, and by Cancer - the soft Moon. A water sign will add to their intimate relationships a lot of tenderness and preludes, and Leo, in turn, will reveal the depths of passion in front of the emotional and sensitive Cancer girl.

In comparison with the fire sign a representative of the water element will seem passive. But she does not claim to be the leader in bed. She is quite satisfied with the situation when the desire of a man to appease herself is directed to her.

Compatibility in Lion and Cancer Sex

Leo and Cancer complement each other well

Are they suitable for each other in marriage?

When the husband refers to the element of Fire, and the wife - to the elements of Water,there will be a lot of internal disagreement in such a marriage. But if both are inclined to a long alliance, all this is surmountable. After all, a Cancer woman wants to see a strong and responsible man next to him. But Leo is satisfied that his spouse is clearly not claiming to be the leader in the family.

Dame-Rak will not make scenes of jealousy because of the desire of her husband to be in the center of attention and unwillingness to give up his social life because of the bonds of Hymen. And although she herself divides the public interests of her husband and will prefer to go about her business, she will not force Leo to sit at her skirt.

As for the financial sphere, Leo will be lucky to find a reliable partner as a wife. Although the man knows how to make money, he spends it with the same pleasure. And Cancers can postpone, so that in difficult moments of life this thrift sign will appreciate the thrift sign.

The most important thing for this pair is to go through a period of lapping.

If the couple fails to break up in the first few years of marriage, the family will be strong. More often than not, young spouses who are not yet able to put up with each other’s shortcomings break off relations.

Is there a friendship if he is Leo and she is Cancer?

If he is Leo, and she is Cancer, the chances of a strong friendship they have are not too great. Too different views on life and areas of interest. Perhaps they will find each other what they need. For example, Leo will be pleased with the maternal care of Cancer, and the presence of a bright Leo will motivate a girl. But wait for strong ties from this relationship is not worth it.

However, if there are family ties between Leo and Cancer, then their communication will be closer and warmer. Because both highly value family. Should their chosen ones fear betrayal? On the one hand, between them is not so strong sexual desire. And on the other hand, something invisible can connect them.And even if there is no reason for them to come together, this can happen.

Can Lion and Cancer Be Friends?

The chances of a strong friendship with Leo and Cancer are not too great

How to win a male lion?

If in the company one man clearly attracts the attention of others, if he is gallant and witty, then this is most likely Leo. The representative of this sign can not go unnoticed. He immediately stands out in the crowd. And practically every woman he encountered on the way is tormented by the question: how to win a man-Leo and build a relationship with him? Is it possible to conquer this king of the animal world?

You can conquer it, and this is not even a very difficult task. It is much more difficult to keep this big cat next to you. Men of this sign are demanding for their halves. Leo's companion should be good in everything: from refined manners to a pretty head and figure. This man prefers to have in his surroundings things and people for whom he is not ashamed, who can boast and be proud of.

If you are ready for the fact that your companion will always evaluate you strictly, not allowing you to relax, put on a comfortable unassuming robe and make a mask of cucumber, you can start an aggressive campaign.However, for close people Leo is capable of much, even to move mountains or provide a decent standard of living.

How to get the attention of a cancer woman?

Cancer girl - a sort of heroine of romantic novels. She does not shine like a lioness. She loves modesty in everything. She does not take the first steps and you should not expect courageous actions from her. Can a woman fall in love with a Cancer? It is possible, but it is important to immediately adjust yourself to the fact that such a girl can not be subdued by a nag. She will not tolerate arrogance, and that is how she can regard the assertiveness of the sun sign, with which he used to achieve his own.

This requires a completely different approach. First of all - a long period of courtship, sensitivity and tenderness.

Cancer lives more in the emotional sphere, and therefore it does not attract sexuality

Lev will have to temper his instincts and passion a little and wait until the representative of the water element is ready for the next stage of the relationship.

Horoscope compatibility Women Lion and Male Cancer

More chances for a happy development of events, if both are middle-aged people with life experience. Then it will be easier for them to show tolerance for the shortcomings and characteristics of each other's characters.Under the ideal scenario, a passionate Lioness will become wiser and more restrained, and Cancer will take a little courage to make her own decisions. It is important that Lioness understand and accept the latent leadership of Cancer and not try to remake it.

Chances for a happy future with Leo and Cancer

Union Lev-Rak is not the most favorable

When living together it turns out that they do not have much in common. The lioness prefers secular parties and companies, and Raku prefers home comfort. Lions are inborn careerists, and Cancer will have to come to terms with it, which will not be easy. There will be difficulties in the financial issue. After all, the Lioness is not accustomed to save, and the watermark is thrift.

But if both will be able to direct their energy into the peaceful course of creating a strong family, they will most likely succeed.

Love relationship

From the point of view of astrology, this is not the most favorable union.Lion girl - nature is too bright. Of course, even Cancer cannot fail to subdue her dazzling smile and regal bearing. However, at the very beginning of the relationship, both rarely have far-reaching serious plans.

Cancer by its nature is more closed and calm than a fire cat. But he himself will not remake the girl under his own way, forcing her to sit out for days and nights with him at home.However, the Lioness may seem that the chosen one has already accepted her with all her character traits. Whereas Cancer just doesn't take it seriously yet. But it's hard not to fall in love with such a girl, and if this happens, the water sign will start to harass the chosen one with jealousy. And the stronger the pressure, the sooner a rupture of relations is possible, because the Lions do not like when their freedom is limited and when they are crushed.

In the end, this couple does not have much chance of a happy continuation of their relationship.

Sexual attraction couples

For Cancer and the Lioness the bed is a place of amazing discoveries. A solar cat can show his man new horizons in the intimate sphere, to which he will be happy. Courage in expressing your feelings, passion and sensual response of a woman will certainly kindle a real fire in the chest of this romantic man. With mutual desire, they will be able to establish for themselves the new rules of the games behind the doors of the bedroom.

Leo woman seduces Cancer man

A lioness can show Raku new horizons in the intimate sphere

Of course, their harmony can be broken if one of them is angry or offended. Sometimes a Lioness can seem cold, and Cancer can portray an offended innocence even for a far-fetched reason.But only patience and tenderness will help them to constantly enjoy a friend's society in all areas of life.


A family where the husband is Cancer and the wife is the Lioness can only become long and happy if the roles are properly distributed.

It is worth accepting as a reality that here the getter will be a woman

It is the Lions who are able to earn money well and walk the career ladder with wide strides. Crayfish are not so ambitious in this regard. And if the spouse takes over the financial support of the family, and will not humiliate the husband with his failure in this regard, it is quite possible that the marriage will be strong. On the other hand, Cancer will remove most of the domestic problems from a woman without any problems and will connect with the whole responsibility to the upbringing of children. You just have to accept this not too familiar role separation.

In the intimate sphere of the spouses reigns harmony. But with emotional problems can be. The lioness does not think of life without the attention of others, including men. A jealousCancer is not willing to tolerate adoring looks on his wifefrom potential rivals. And this can be a cause for quarrels. If a woman no longer pays attention to the feelings of her husband, he may not show the best feature of the watermark - vindictiveness.And the latter can become a sudden blow if Cancer at one point decides to leave the windy wife.

How friendly are the girl-lion and the guy-cancer?

Friendship in such a pair is not the most typical variant of the development of their relations. Interestingly, companionship can not be based not so much on coinciding interests and interests, but rather on the ability to provide one another with the support needed at a particular moment, including moral support.

Friendship of Leo and Cancer can be called a friendship of convenience

The lioness demands attention even from her friends, and Cancer is always ready to admire the talents and skills of the regal cat, to praise her, to flatter where necessary. At the same time, Raku himself sometimes lacks bright impressions and emotions in his life, and a solar sign can give it. And if both of them converge and hobbies - this friendship can become eternal. Their relationship will grow stronger year after year. But at the same time satellites of these signs should not be afraid of change. Such a strong passion to rush into a maelstrom of love, between them will not arise.

How to win a male cancer and build relationships with him

Representatives of the sun sign are rarely the first to pay attention to male Rakov.Lionesses prefer imposing and bright men. Therefore, a more familiar situation is when Cancer itself begins to give a woman signs of attention.

what kind of guys are Raki

Male Cancers have a strong inner core

But even if the Lioness wants to attract Cancer, sheworth it to seem disinterested.Despite their external softness, watermark males have a strong inner core. They themselves like to win, rather than surrender to the mercy of the conqueror. So at first it's worth to be an impregnable fortress, and only then turn your regal attention to the stubborn Cancer. Men of this sign are not at all like temperamental and passionate Lionesses, but these cats immediately attract their attention. However, it must be remembered that male Cancers prefer those women who will be wholly and fully owned by them. But the Ladies-Lions just need the attention of others. At the same time they are waiting for a rich bed life at different temperaments.

Is it possible to fall in love with a woman Leo

Lionesses - women who are not so easy to conquer. First you need to stand out from the crowd of its admirers who constantly hover around.And then draw her attention to herself, which is also not an easy task. Typically, representatives of the fire element are looking for men to match - bright and eye-catching others.

Calm and deceptively quiet Raki - not their ideal

However, the watermark does not have patience, so it is quite capable of a long siege. And in the end, the Lioness will surrender. However, after the goal is reached, you should not relax. For Cancer will be a difficult test of the love of the girl-lion. She will not tolerate restrictions, pressure on her. The attention of society, and, of course, the surrounding men for her like air. This does not mean that it will change. She can not do this. But she always needs to be in the center of attention, to feel that she is valued and loved. The combination of vulnerability and arrogance - explosive mixture. Therefore, before the conquest campaign, Cancer needs to understand what it is going for. And that you can not break the character of this unusual woman.

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