Christmas toys do it yourself

What could be nicer and more joyful than such a wonderful holiday as the New Year? Both children and adults are often waiting for a miracle before this date. Preparing for the New Year is also a great pleasure to both the kids and their parents. And every child wants to take part in creating his masterpiece, for example, toys on the Christmas tree with his own hands.

In this matter, you should not adhere to strict standards and rules. It is important that both the adult and the baby make their own efforts, strive to create beauty and to realize their fantastic fantasies. And it is worth a lot.

Let's list the New Year's toys, which you can easily do yourself:

  • snowflakes on the windows of the napkins;
  • various decorations of fabric, rain, paints and light bulbs;
  • Christmas wreaths from Christmas tree twigs;
  • Use beautiful paper and scissors to cut beautiful figures, which are then hung with a thread on a Christmas tree;
  • It is easy to make small gifts out of cones and fabric;
  • paper garlands and tinsel is easy to combine to decorate the room.

How to make a Christmas toy do it yourself

We will consider the simplest options that any parent and schoolchild can handle.

Paper patterns

They can be painted with colored pencils and paints. We perform the following steps in sequence:

  1. Take the album sheet.
  2. We fold first in half, then into a quad, then again in half, and then again into a quad.
  3. Scissors cut out all four corners in the form of a semicircle.
  4. On one side - in a straight line - cut out 2-3 small triangles.
  5. Expand our sheet and color.

Paper patterns that anyone can make are ready.

The main advantage of these patterns is that you choose which figures to cut and in what quantity. That is why the patterns are unique.

Here you can apply your imagination and creativity as much as you like, cutting out new and new beautiful snowflakes.

Christmas toys that are easy to make using a light bulb:

Option number 1

  1. Take the light bulb (5-7 pcs.).
  2. Wrap them in fabric and sew with a needle at the bottom. Cut off the rest of the fabric with scissors.Fabric can be completely different colors. To do this, fit the usual colored patches.
  3. Using colored paper to cut circles in the form of eyes, sponges and spouts. Glue them on our product.
  4. Tie the decoration at the base of the bulb with a thread or rubber band. At the base of the bulb, you can attach a piece of stitched fabric that will decorate our craft.

Option number 2

  1. Take the burned out light bulbs and paint them with oil paints. It all depends on your skill and ability to draw beautifully. For example, you can choose your favorite Christmas tree toy and copy elements and patterns from it. So you can create snowmen, Santa Clauses, animal faces. Your imagination will come in handy.

  1. Tie gum on the bulb.
  2. From above on an elastic band and a wick of a bulb to put on a piece of the sewed fabric which should cover a bandage by means of which the toy will fasten on a fir-tree.Christmas toys do it yourself
  3. Glue a little rain at the base of the light bulb.
  4. Our work is ready! She, no doubt, will appeal to both children and adults. And do it - a pleasure.

Make decorations on the Christmas tree with your own hands, which photos you could see in our article, and bring them to kindergarten or school to decorate the room with them. Have a nice holiday!

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