Christmas costumes for boys do it yourself

Many parents are categorically opposed to their child on a New Year's holiday was in a suit purchased at a nearby children's store or worse - in a supermarket. They can be understood, because it often happens that on the holiday you can meet two or three children dressed in completely identical New Year costumes for boys or girls. If you have managed to face a similar situation, we are sure you will want to make a New Year's costume for the boy with your own hands. We will give you some ideas on how to make children's New Year's costumes (photo will prompt several options) quickly and avoid a state of slight confusion before sending the child to the matinee.

Why is it better to make a new year's costume for a boy?

Tailoring a New Year's costume for a boy in order costs a lot of money, so it is best to build it with your child, connecting to the process all home.Teamwork will not only unite you and give you a lot of new impressions, but will also help you to better understand what is happening in the little head of your child, what he lives and dreams about. Do not be discouraged if the child at the matinee wants to be reincarnated as a hero whose costume cannot be sewed without precise patterns, and the fabric is needed for this expensive and it will take longer than you could imagine. Being engaged in the creation of a New Year's costume for a boy (the photo will help you to cope with this task), remember that several bright strokes and obligatory elements are enough - and it will become clear to everyone that Carlson, Batman or Barmalei have granted a carnival. Suitable clothes plus make-up or mask, as well as several accessories - and your child turns into a real fairy-tale hero.

how to make Christmas costumes for boys

Variants of children's New Year costumes for boys

Brave warriors have always been held in high esteem by the boys, so you can offer your son to reincarnate as one of the bold and famous characters, such as:

  • pirate;
  • Indian;
  • musketeer;
  • knight.

To make such a New Year’s costume for a boy, it’s enough a few wardrobe items (trousers or breeches, a blouse or shirt) and add to themwhich is characteristic of this particular character. It may be:

  • vest, belt, boots, beard and eye patch;
  • bow and arrow, a wreath of feathers and beads;
  • hat, boots and sword;
  • shield, sword and chain foil.

how to make Christmas costumes for boys

New Year's pirate costume

If your child likes a pirate costume, first of all, you need a vest. Black pants and a bright bandana, a dark blindfold and painted mustache and beard - this is what you need for a pirate. If you add a shiny clip to your ear, take a couple of toy pistols and plug a cardboard dagger into your belt, it will turn out very convincingly.

Indian costume

The main thing for the Indian is a headdress, so it is he who should devote more time. Paint the goose feathers in bright colors and carefully sew them to the ribbon. Add a few beads or sew some beads on the front side - and the headpiece is ready. So that the new year’s costume for the boy with his own hands (the photo shows all the details) was as close as possible to what the Indians wear, choose the right clothes:

  • wide pants;
  • tonal shirt for release;
  • moccasins or boots.

how to make Christmas costumes for boys

A bow with arrows, a necklace made of artificial tusks and a “war paint” will perfectly complement the Christmas costume for the boy with his own hands,created with all the details and trivia.

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