Chris Jenner guided her huge wardrobe

We've already seen Kim Kardashian's car park and Kylie Jenner's impressive collection of bags, but the head of the Chris family outperformed them all, showing the fans the paradise of a shopaholic - their gigantic dressing room. And, unlike the same Kylie, Chris remembers the history of each handbag and jacket, which impresses even more.

“This is the Momager suitcase that gave me Chloe as a gift,” she told Dee Okleppo, the creative director of the brand for Judith Leiber handbags, of which there are a lot of Chris in the collection. "And the golden clutch is Rob's son ... My first bag from Judith Leiber is a gift from Robert Kardashian for Christmas in 1980." You need to remember that this collection has been going for 62 years. She did not appear in one day. We shoot shows almost every day, so we need to have something to choose from. ”

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