Chocolate lily is a new trend in hair coloring that is worth trying this fall.

You can experiment with the image and show your individuality in a new way with the help of such simple technique as hair coloring. However, a positive result should not be an accident, so the change in color of “native” curls should be carefully planned, taking into account both the most fashionable trends of the new season, and the peculiarities of its hair. Colourchocolate lily- a beautiful and tasty name. No less beautiful looks and shade itself. The author of the idea is American hairdresser Anna Edelman.

Chocolate lily is a shade that incredibly goes to dark-haired girls. The main role is played by chocolate tone staining. Anna Edelman advises mixing it with red, yellow, pink, green and purple to get the color of the chocolate lily. Independently, of course, it is better not to experiment. Refer to the master who will createfantastic shade.

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