Children's paper bunch

Children's paper bouquet- we make a charming bouquet with smiling flowers out of colored paper. Great master class for joint work with children.

Materials and tools:

  1. colored heavy paper and cardboard;
  2. white paper;
  3. scissors;
  4. PVA glue;
  5. flower-shaped pattern or hole punch;
  6. markers.


Step 1

Using a flower pattern or a special hole punch, cut flowers out of colored paper.

On white paper, draw small circles and draw funny markers with felt-tip pens (you can draw different smilies). Cut emoticons.

Next, stick the emoticons on the flowers. We fold petals at the smiley flowers.

Step 2

Let's make of cardboard stalks. Cut a sheet of cardboard into strips. For one stalk we glue two strips together.

Step 3

Now we make the flowers themselves, one flower will require: 1 stem and 2 flowers, they can be the same color or different.

Glue to the stem 2 flower-emoticon. Also do all the other flowers.

Step 4

Take a green sheet of paper, fold in half and draw a half leaf (see the template). Cut and cut into tinsel, unfold - the leaf for the flower is ready.

At the end we collect the flowers in a bouquet, glue the leaves and fasten a beautiful ribbon.

All,a bouquet of emoticon flowersis ready.

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