Charming knitted bags!

Knitted openwork bags are an accessory that will always look spectacular and will never go out of fashion. We offer you a small selection of knitted bags with diagrams and descriptions. Crocheted bag will help to complement your stylish look and create a unique and expressive accent.

This collection presents the most interesting and beautiful models of bags, the patterns of their knitting - all in order that you can realize your thirst for creativity.

If you cannot read the patterns, then first read the cheat sheet: Reading crochet patterns

Charming knit yarn clutchfit in easily and quickly. The clasp can be made hidden on the magnet.


Knitted clutch with zipper

Clutch can be used as a cosmetic or as a wallet


Crochet knitting from crocheted two colors

Beautiful clutch knitted from two colors of yarn. For the knitting of the clutch, the yarn was used of two colors that fit well together: emerald green and beige. The clutch is fastened with one small button-button, which is decorated with tassels.Clutch fit in a single canvas. The clutch is connected by a dense pattern that keeps the shape well. The strap for the clutch is made of wooden beads, which were strung on a strong thread. With the scheme of knitting clutch, you can find further in the article.


Spacious bag with bamboo handles


Bright and beautiful bag for young fashionistas


Crochet open bag

Such an openwork bag will suit an evening or cocktail dress.

Knitted roomy bag for every day

Bag of square motifs

Color bag crocheted from square motifs. For knitting this bag was used remnants of yarn in different colors. For this bag you will need to knit only three large square motifs. The size of each motive is 42 to 42 centimeters. Bag is crocheted №3. Tie a wide belt for this bag to add comfort when wearing it on the shoulder. This bag, in the style of hippies, great for summer weather. This bag fits well with denim clothing.

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