Decoration jars for cereals

Want to decorate jars for bulk products or cereals - it does not take much time. You can use any container: glass or metal, the main thing is that they are conveniently opened. I have a huge number of cans of baby food, which I decided to decorate and use for storing cereals. For the work will be needed: PVA glue, scissors, fast-curing white paint (sold in cans), magazine clippings from the image of dishes, varnish (in can) and the container itself, which we will decorate.
Decorating a jar for cereals
1. Well wash the jar and wipe it dry. 2. With the help of spray applied the first layer of white paint. We are waiting for the surface to dry and apply a second layer. This procedure is necessary so that the original image located on the bank does not shine through the pictures we have pasted. If the surface of the container you have chosen is monochromatic, light,you can skip this step without any pictures.
Decoration of a jar for croup
3. Cut out the favorite type of dishes from the magazine. You can pick up themed pictures for each jar. For example: to store buckwheat, you can cut out images of dishes using this cereal.
 Decoration of jars for groats
 Decoration of jars for cereals
4. Well lubricate the surface of the jar with white glue and glue the cut pictures one by one. First, glue the pictures large in size, then small. It is very important during gluing to smooth the image to dislodge all air bubbles. Then the glued picture will look good. 5. We are waiting for the jar to dry completely.
Decoration jars for croup
6. We open the surface of the can varnish. We do this in two stages. Between them we give the varnish to dry. We do this procedure very carefully so that the varnish does not get on the inner surface of the dish and is not in contact with the products in the future.If you doubt your “accuracy”, then just fill the jar with newspapers, and after opening the container with varnish you can remove them.
 Decoration of jars for croup
 Decorating a jar for cereals
Cereal jar decoration
Decorating a jar for croup
 Decoration jars for cereals
 Cereal jar decoration
 Decorating a jar for cereals
 Decorating a jar for cereals

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