Carnival costume and dog mask do it yourself for a child (boy and girl) - patterns of costumes and cute dog masks patterns

1KSSR-012How to make a carnival mask and sew a dog costume with your own hands at home for the child, they will be prompted by photo examples and master classes with a detailed description of the manufacturing process. You will need templates, schemes, patterns, paper, cardboard, fabrics of different textures and decorative elements. The outfits will be bright, optimistic, beautiful and will bring a lot of joy to both the kids and the adults themselves.

Beautiful dog costume do it yourself for a child - the best ideas with photos

Making a beautiful and original carnival dog costume with your own hands for a child is not that difficult.There are too strict rules and strict restrictions. You can show imagination, creative thinking and creativity by creating from simple, affordable fabrics, faux fur and decorative elements a very bright, showy and non-banal outfit in which the kindergartener and middle school teenager will feel comfortable during the holiday.

Examples of original ideas with photos - dog costumes for boys and girls

A carnival outfit of a Dalmatian puppy is perfect for a boy from kindergarten. To create it, it is enough to decorate a white sweater or a light sweater of a child with a spotted black and white penny, put on mittens in black and white specks on the palm of your hand, and attach a hat with a dog face to the head. Black white shorts, socks and black shoes from the kid’s usual wardrobe will complement the outfit.


No less successful in the role of a cheerful Dalmatian girl will perform. For her, she will have to sew a spotty skirt, vest and hat with ears, and a white elegant jacket, lace knee-highs and black sandals will probably be found in the locker of a little fashionable woman.


Very simply and quickly a dog costume can be made for a teenage boy.As a basis, the basic soft pants and sweatshot in beige-brown shades will suit. On these things you need to sew stains from the fabric of a darker or even black color, and as a headdress - use a cap to tone, supplemented with fabric hanging ears. The final stroke will be large fluffy mittens and a bone made of dense material.


The easiest way to create a dog suit, which is equally suitable for a boy and a girl of any age, is to sew a poncho in a characteristic coloring and complement it with a mask cap with the ears and muzzle of the animal. For the main part of the dress, you will need a non-removable shiny fabric of bright color and a more dense material with a velvety surface for the shirt front and spots. The neck and the outer edge will need to be treated with a braid, and the tail or a fur tail sewn at the back.


The costume of a dog for a little girl is appropriate to make in gentle white and pink shades. For decorating useful white fabric with elongated threads. She simulates curly hair of a poodle. From it you will need to carve out the collar, cuffs, leggings, a fragment of the tail and a cover on the cap with the ears widening towards the bottom.


White tights and shoes, a pink tutu skirt and pink ribbons on the ears will complete the image and make it very gentle, soft and touching.

How to sew a dog costume with your own hands for a boy - a master class with photos


A detailed workshop with a photo in step-by-step mode tells how to sew a dog costume with your own hands for a boy at home. The description of the process is for the most part a general understanding of the work. Any changes and additions are permissible in details. For example, instead of fur for stains, you can use terry cloth or plush, and make the tail fluffy and decorate with Christmas accessories such as serpentine, tinsel or rain.

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