Can neighbors in the communal ban to rent a room for rent

In 2016, a bill was proposed, according to which the procedure for renting an apartment in a communal flat could become more complicated. A basic requirement was proposed - the availability of a permit from cohabitants who also reside on the territory of an apartment.

An important caveat - co-owners are considered to be the owners who have the right to share in the apartment. If people who do not have such a right, declare their vote against the surrender of the area, it does not matter. However, the bill was not supported, therefore, nothing in legal practice regarding the delivery of living space in a communal apartment has changed.

Today, every citizen in the Russian Federation who wants to rent housing to other people has the right to do so. An important condition is the ownership of the room. If we are talking about shared or joint ownership, then written consent and permission is required from persons with whom the ownership of shares is registered.

Sometimes a neighbor or neighbor takes to his guest, who settles on a permanent or temporary basis. He behaves inappropriately or in some other way prevents other people from living. In this case, the tenants of the remaining rooms can not prohibit the guest to stay on the territory of the next room. This is the position of the legislator.

If a person or several persons turn on loud music at night, shout, swear, scandal, it is recommended to call the police. If there is a stable disagreement on the basis of inadequate behavior of tenants of another room, you can sue.

What else can be done if the tenant has the right to live in the apartment, but he somehow interferes with the creation, maintenance and maintenance of normal conditions? Start by checking. Perhaps the person who owns a share in the apartment, acquired property on credit. If the loan agreement is not closed, any real estate transactions are considered illegal without the consent of the bank.

Banks rarely give loans to a share in the secondary housing, and if it is also rented out, this can cause some difficulties. The bank does not need the property to be damaged or, without the consent of the lender, become a subject for earnings. In this case, you should try to complain.

If this option is not suitable, it is proposed to find out if the tenant pays money. Is a contract between the owner of the room in the commune and the tenant. If not, you need to write a statement. Illegal residence is accompanied by non-payment of tax, so the situation is subject to control by the authorities. You can contact the police, the tax office.

The problem often lies in the fact that the use of shared things or furniture, which is located on the territory of the apartment, is carried out by strangers. In the hallway you can put a large closet, everything will get access to it. Similar to this example, you can call others. So, appliances in the kitchen, dishes and stuff can not be taken by strangers. Handle such problems virtually nowhere. Unfortunately, it is impossible to write a statement that the owners of one room have a guess that the owners of the other took something and used someone else's. In this case, you have to negotiate.

You can resist the neighbors as follows: the procedure for using common housing, that is, a corridor, furniture in the kitchen, a bathroom, can only those people who have the right to own one of the rooms.If these are tenants, then they have the legal right under the lease agreement to live in the territory of the room that they rented. That is, literally, they don’t get the legal right to walk along the corridor, as well as to use the shower. It is necessary to resolve this issue through the court.

It is impossible to threaten, independently expel someone, lock up other residents in a communal flat.

The right to be, to be, to take pictures may be determined by a judicial body, including the supreme one.

It is also worth recalling that the owner of a room can temporarily and without registration enter the apartment’s territory other people without the consent of the other owners and tenants.

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