Cake "Monkey" for a child's birthday: a master class with photos

Cake "Monkey" for a child's birthday: a master class with photos

At the children's birthday party, the most important attribute is a festive cake. Today, the confectionery art amazes with the variety of design of this dessert, which cannot but please the parents of the birthday man. After all, they have the opportunity to choose the most suitable cake for their little children.

Birthday Cake

If you have not yet chosen a cake design, then you can search the internet for photos. Options for decorative design today missing. It will be even easier for you to make a choice if you listen to the child’s requests or simply pay attention to his preferences. You can arrange the sweetness in the form of a favorite character or animal from the cartoon / fairy tale. When you decide on a design, you can feel free to contact the pastry chef and make an order.

Do you want to create a masterpiece with your own hands? Our master class for you! The main advantage is that you know from what products the cake is prepared and you will be sure of its freshness.

Master class with a photo: how to make a monkey cake

We recommend starting with the simplest cake, and do not invent anything intricate. For example, a monkey cake. This dessert will be an excellent completion of the children's birthday, both for the girl and for the boy. The design is relevant for kids who are just one year old, and for children of eleven years.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a sweet masterpiece.

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