Bypassing counterfeit - how to choose original gold jewelry?

Only the original, beautiful, stylish purchase delivers the desired pleasure of going to the jewelry store. The range of gold jewelry allows you to indulge yourself with new clothes with different stones, designer accents, to buy kits and solo accessories even every day.

In the Zlato catalog they are easy and convenient to choose from authentic, real photos taken in your own photo studio. The choice happens in one breath, as in a jewelry store!

gold jewelry

In the brilliance of gold can not be mistaken. Not all the gold that glitters, and to understand this saying is literally. And learning how to distinguish original jewelry from fakes is a useful skill, it will come in handy when traveling, business trips, new stores and retail outlets, especially if you have a luxury sale and the price is fabulously low!

Material Characteristics of the original Signs of a fake







Not magnet Uneven color and shine
There is a distinct deep stigma The stamp is made with a bias, on it test is not visible
On the price tag information about the manufacturer, metal and stones decoration The layer of gold on the product does not refer to gold jewelry
Sample below 999 Attracts you to other metals
No glue marks, stones planted smoothly and neatly On the product there is no tag attached to the sealed thread

Low sample means poor quality?

No no and one more time no! Any sample of gold jewelry gives the buyer many advantages and is not a sign of a fake:

  • a wide range of colors;
  • original and complex forms;
  • unusual design;
  • high strength and hardness.

Decorations of popular samples in various shades you can compare and inexpensively buy in the catalogZlato.uawith full confidence in the authenticity of each product!

Exceptionally pure gold has a sample of 999. It contains no impurities that affect the percentage of pure precious metal in the product. 999 gold jewelry is not often found on the market of jewelry masterpieces, it is considered not practical to wear. Sample 999 is characterized by softness, flexibility, scratches and dents will appear on the surface.Jewelers add to the pure gold impurities in the form of copper, palladium and other metals to give it hardness.

gold jewelry

We do not recommend to choose a gold ornament of 999 tests, even if the seller assures of exclusive and cleanliness and the highest quality of the accessory - professional masters and sellers know that such jewelry does not exist!

You yourself can become an expert when choosing jewelry and distinguish the original from the fake. But if there is no time for visual expertise, you are only looking for the best gift, just take a look atcatalogZlato, and with confidence choose any jewelry position - with a tag and a check. We have nice prices and discounts from jewelry houses!

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