Brian Austin Green does his makeup

At one of the social events, the actor of the series “Beverly Hills 90210” surprised the public by the fact that he was made up no less than his beautiful companion, actress Megan Fox.
Megan Fox Bryan Austin Green
Megan Fox Bryan Austin Green
Brian told the press that he likes to make up
Brian told the press that he likes to make up

Hollywood couple Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox were invited to a party about the release of the new television project Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The lovers came dressed with a needle and once again shared their happiness with journalists - they told about how well they were together. But the press has long been accustomed to this ...

Brian Austin Green's makeup is what really amazed those gathered at the party! The young man was obviously summed up his eyes and lipstick (lipstick, almost in tone, which was on Megan!). For all the amazed questions, Green just smiled: “Why? I generally love to make up Megan is exciting! ”

Megan herself, apparently, was frightened that her beloved would be suspected of homosexuality, and their romance - of fictitiousness, therefore immediately chirped into one of the microphones that "Brian is just a beast in bed."

January 15, 2008

Tinted to him is very good))

and the triple chin has disappeared from him!)))

C'mon, he just looks neat.

I like him at all. just in the previous article about him there were photos where he got a little fat, so I was worried about his "strategic reserve".

and now handsome! and let yourself be painted!)))

I once wrote an article like "90210: where are they now"; And so Austin-Green has a hard life - he is professionally engaged in racing and several times got into accidents, as a result of one of them he was even paralyzed for several months. Or am I confusing him with the actor who played Brandon? I always confuse them.

Confused. 100%. And Briana, and the fact that he played Brandon all "ok." Maybe the race involved, the one who played Dylan?

And here, too, is something from "what is with them now" ...

No, I do not confuse.

He was seriously injured in a practice run today when he crashed into a wall. The car slammed into the wall at around 290 km / h, and it was sustained such as a fractured spine, broken bones, and concussion. Doctors say it is stable

on IMDB (

About it a lot on the Internet.

Yes, I remember him in that article so criticized, I was already ashamed)))

and here he is well done, looks good.

Shame on you!?)))))

And how to make up, so you take your words back !!!)))))))

This is all because the make-up Brian looks like Summer !!!

))))))))))) Well you girls shamed me))) but then he really was terrible !! he and his three chins)))

her, since Jared nobody can paint! Brian is still learning and learning.

Are you aware that Leto has renewed relations with one of the Olsen sisters?))))

And Brian won what dear Fox)))

no, I don't follow his personal life. and the Olsenes are small, aren't they? He is 2 times older! There are foty?)))

Brian finally lucky, Meagan super!

I have already answered here. ( thread = 10548 # c10548)

I can put the article on Wday, the magazine in which it was published, has ceased to be published, so there should be no problems with copyright.

Why not?)

Give the article to the people! We all know about Tory Spelling, Jenny Hardt, Brian. And there were so many more people!

I remember Shannon Doherty (Branda) pi *** u as a scandal two years ago - some of the Hollywood starlets had her wife nearly fought off. There was even a fight !!!!

and who is there from olsenov beautiful o_O?)))

It feels like Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are being painted by one makeup artist.

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