A bunch of candy in a bag with paper PIES

Today I will show you how you can make a beautiful bouquet of chocolates with peonies and other colors from corrugated paper, and also pack a bouquet into a scrapbook of paper for scrapbooking or cardboard.

Such a sweet bouquet of pions with sweets will be an excellent gift for March 8 or any other holiday. Be sure to try to make a similar bouquet! You will succeed!


For production you will need:

1. Corrugated paper of several colors

2. Candy of your choice

3. Paper for scrapbooking as a bag

4. Floral sponge to fill the bag and attachment of tulips with candy

5. Wire, glue, scissors, tape and a little foil

6. Ribbon to create a bow

7. Good mood




The middle of the flower is 11cm * 8cm (1 pc of yellow color)

Petals 4cm * 11cm (15-16 pieces of pink color)

Leaves 1cm * 7cm (6-7 pieces of light green color)


Other colors:

The middle of the flower is 11cm * 8cm (1 pc. of yellow)

Petals 4cm * 6cm (5 pcs.

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