Blue wire is an excellent material for creativity

Colored fluffy wire, reminiscent of a dishwashing brush, was invented for cleaning smoking pipes. But this material was so often used for handicrafts that manufacturers transferred their goods to another segment. Today, flexible fluffy sticks of different colors and textures are sold in stores for creativity. And this is how you can use them:

In a distant galaxy far

Make a real Jedi figure for true fans of the famous franchise.

Natural materials

Use acorns and bumps to create cute funny little men. The details of the chenille wire will look more accurate than the usual ones.

Ice Cream Sticks

Funny fan of winter sports will be obtained if you add to the wire wooden sticks and toothpicks. There will be a reason to once again afford a popsicle.

Frozen dance

Not all crafts from this material are funny and funny.You can make an elegant composition of several slender ballerinas.

Finger puppet theater

Complement the wire figures with eyes, and you get a real set for the representations. You can make eyes from the packaging of tablets, or buy ready-made accessories in the store.

Cute bear

Such an accessory can be given to both the child and the adult. Cute bear will be an excellent brooch or key chain.

Pompon decor

Complete the trunk, woven from the blue wire with wool balls-pom-poms. To do this, connect the two cardboard rings. Wrap them with threads, and cut them from the outside. In the middle, connect the pompoms with a thread, and then trim the edges with scissors.

Man's best friend

Weave several doggies from wire of different colors.

Forest family

Wire of this type is great for creating graceful deer and small deer.

Slowly but surely

The eyes of the turtle must be big. Choose packaging from the largest pills.

Funny menagerie

Almost any animal can be made of blue wire. Here are examples for inspiration. Learn how to weave together with children, and make a whole collection.

Lilac rabbit from a dream dream.

Squirrel wire and nuts.

Not able to change colors chameleon.

Dirty kittens.

Make decorations for the holiday

You can celebrate the birthday of a little princess or future wizard very much, and make your own jewelry.

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