Blu-ray Disc Player NAD

Blu-ray Disc Player NADWe make the equipment that we would have liked to buy ourselves this slogan belongs to the team of Greg Stidesen, who is responsible for creating all the new products of the company. In general, it all started in 1972 in West Germany. Since then, much water has flowed and many years have passed, but NAD has gained vast experience in the production of Hi-Fi and High End, as well as unshakable authority. We, researchers of audio and video equipment, noticed that any product of the brand, regardless of price, has the highest quality of sound or image. In fact, NAD has no such thing as a budget sector, but at the same time a mass of technology is available that is quite accessible to a wide range of users. Asceticism, the absence of deliberate flashiness, the solidity of the components from NAD is a rule, not an exception. Here is the confirmation of this. Assessing the usual strict design on the eye and finding that the mass of the device is not too large (at a clearly not too small price tag), we prepared for the solution of intrigue. The reader himself will visually appreciate the appearance of the facade, apart from the fact that there is a shutter on the right side, under which the device control keys and a USB port are located, although it is best to use a convenient remote control.And the back side contains only the most advanced switching resources. There is not even a conventional stereo audio output and composite RCA video connector. Only HDMI (1.4) and the component three, the output for the numbers on the "coke" and optics and another port LAN (Ethernet). Speaking of "hardware", and there is little intelligence, we will inform you that the video DTS operates with 12 bit / 148 MHz, and audio DAC - 24 bit / 192 kHz. Scaler makes sure that the signals are scaled up to a resolution of 1080p. The most realistic playback of 3D video from BD 3D discs is available. Deep Color and x / vYCC support is provided. Almost all “popular” formats are faithfully reproduced from USB sticks - from MP3 music canned video to DivX HD video and the popular high-resolution “matryoshka”. The only thing is that the firmware does not know how to unpack FLAC files, and the device has difficulty supporting my flash drive formatted for NTFS, however, the instructions include such support. But for these filmmakers there is a gift - the NAD T 567 player reads DVD and BD disks of any regions. As for network capabilities, the player has support for the DLNA protocol, which allows the player to play audio and video files from a PC using a wired or wireless (Wi-Fi) connection to it.At the same time, in addition to a PC, a NAS can also act as a network storage, which allows you to create an impressive collection of movies and music. In addition to the ability to wirelessly play media files, the built-in Wi-Fi also allows you to use the BD-Live feature, which is present on some BD discs, to download additional film materials from the Internet.


Turning to the test results, we note the positive aspects. First, the loading of any discs occurs almost instantly. Secondly, when you first set up, you will be helped by a very simple and accessible user Russified interface. To realize the perfect picture, you need to use an HDMI port, through which, if you designate an advanced receiver as your main device, you will be able to transmit both a beautiful video image and multi-channel audio. The picture in NAD T 567 is almost reference, if we talk about playing BD-disks, but it is also canceled when scaling more simplified content, such as on DVD. And at this moment we can already say that the intrigue has been solved - for such an image and convenience you can pay a little more than for Asian consumer goods.

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