"Black Mirror", "Darkness" and 5 more cool TV series of December

In December, four new, completely different series will be released. “Darkness” is gloomier than dark, about missing teenagers, “The Fall of the Order” - with intrigues and battles, “Happy!” - about a compatible incompatible - and ironic “Jean-Claude Van Johnson”.
Watch them with pleasure, having cut half an hour from raking up the December affairs, or postpone until the New Year holidays.


The release of all the series on December 1

Promising German detective thriller, gloomy and cold. This project of the Netflix channel is filmed in German, with German actors. “Darkness” is compared with the TV series “Very Strange Things”, the second season of which all the fans have already watched.
In the "Darkness" the action also occurs in the 80s, there are missing children, a bit of mysticism, a mysterious institution, surrounded by wire, and a thick atmosphere that brings to the goosebumps. True, the spirit of adventure, typical of "very strange things," is not here to speak. Instead, a fascinating story in which both heroes and spectators are uncomfortable.
In the city of Winden, teenagers mysteriously disappeared.In the center of the narrative are four different, but related families, which these disappearances relate directly to. The director, screenwriter and producer is Baran bo Odar.

"Fall of the Order"

From December 6

Adventure-historical series of the channel History about the decline of the Knights Templar order. Starring many familiar faces, including Tom Cullen (Sir Landly) and Jim Carter (Pope) from Downton Abbey.
The leader of the Templars, the brave and noble Ser Landley, will perk up when he learns that there is a most valuable artifact - the Holy Grail. The struggle for power, love, intrigue, hidden games and large-scale battles - in the "Fall of the Order" will be all that we loved in the "Vikings" and a little bit in the "Game of Thrones". The creators do not plan to stop at the first season, so the dramatic story of the collapse of the Knights Templar may take a long time.


Starting December 6

Bloody comic trash with elements of animation, reminiscent of "Bad Santa". A former cop, a killer and an alcoholic Nick Sachs, who has come down, dreams of dying, but instead of an old woman with a scythe in front of him, there is a cheerful flying unicorns.A creature named Happy makes Nick go to rescue a little girl kidnapped by a maniac in Santa costume. Now the mimic unicorn and the miserable Nick, mired in sins, become partners and set off on a journey through the most dangerous areas in search of Santa-psycho. In the leading role of the homeless wino always elegant Christopher Meloni.

"Jean-Claude Van Johnson"

From December 17

A comedy series in which Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a parody of himself with great self-irony. Jean-Claude is not only a veteran of the militants, but also an agent who uses film shooting as a cover. After some rest, he decides to return to business. As a special agent, he deals with a major drug dealer, and as an actor he plays Huck Finn in the extravagant film version of the adventure of Tom Sawyer. The pilot Amazon channel laid out a year ago, viewers voted for him, and now removed the sequel. The most amazing thing is that the series can be watched by those who love Van Damme remembered with nostalgia, and those who are sarcastic about the star of the militants.

Illusionist Second Season

Starting December 6

The series "The Illusionist", he is "The Seer", not everyone noticed, but in vain.Here there is almost Koenovsky ironic mood, and finely interwoven mysticism, and own visual style, in which juicy gypsy women burst into the sunny Californian landscapes. The story about a talented fraudster who oversees the business of fortune-tellers, balances between personal drama, crime, comedy and mysticism. Starring the unexpectedly beautiful Jeffrey Donovan. Bonus - Isabella Rossellini as the main mother of the Gypsy mafia.

"Crown", the second season

From December 7

The continuation of the historical series, last year deserving two Golden Globes. One of the "globes" was received by the British woman Claire Foy, who performed the role of the young queen Elizabeth II. In the second season, the matured Queen will be played again by Foy. Now the plot will be devoted to the relationship of Elizabeth II with her husband Philip and capture the reign from the mid-50s to the mid-60s. Other historical figures will appear in the series. For example, John F. Kennedy played "Dexter" by Michael C. Hall. “Crown”, despite its intimacy, remains one of the most expensive British TV shows: the budget of two seasons is $ 156 million.

"Black Mirror", the fourth season

From December 28

The satirical anthology, sometimes terrifying with its too honest view of humanity, continues. In the fourth season, consisting of six episodes, the creators will continue to develop the theme of technical progress and human behavior. All series, as in previous seasons, are not related. In the director's chair sat John Hillcoat, Timothy Van Patten, Toby Haines, David Slade, Colm McCarthy and Jodie Foster.

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