Bill Gates became “secret Santa” again

User Reddit under the name of VietteLLC indicated in her application that she likes cats, and Bill Gates tried to make the gift a thematic one. No, he did not send the kitten to the girl, he gave her ... 13-kilogram toy Pushin - the famous cat with stickers in Facebook. In addition, in the gift box, a happy girl found a snow ball with the silhouette of a kitten inside, a book (including a novel based on the series Doctor Who), a picture with the inscription "Live in Meow Style," a Skyrim game card, a gift card at a local gift shop and a picture of the donator himself with a huge toy Pushin, so that the recipient does not doubt who her secret Santa was!

  • Bill Gates became “secret Santa” again
  • Bill Gates became “secret Santa” again

In addition, a well-known benefactor made donations on behalf of a Reddit user to the fund to help stray cats. The amount of donations was $ 750.

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