Best Spring Makeup Collections - 2018

It's time to update not only the wardrobe, but also the cosmetic bag. We have collected the most beautiful new items from the spring makeup collections: choose!

Yves Saint Laurent

Pink, blue, yellow - the spring collection of YSL Pop Illusion is replete with the main colors of spring. And rightly so: when, if not during the heyday of nature and all around, wear these shades.

The maximum concentration of pink is in a limited lip balancer. There are five colors of girlish dreams at once. The palette of shadows is a call for a trip to the sea: three variants of blue and blue, gold (by the way, it can be used as a highlighter) and pale pink beckon now to buy tickets to Nice. Liquid shadows are represented in universal gold and bold blue. In addition, the collection includes lipstick, presented in the classic red and coral shades, as well as black eyeliner, blue and coral nail polishes.

Best Spring Makeup Collections - 2018

Palette of shadows (4 592 rub.)nail polishes (1 877 rub.)lip stick (4 868 rub.)


The collection Glow with Love can be described in two words - gentle and radiant.This spring, the brand introduced a new concealer with a brush applicator in three shades: apricot, pink and green. Météorites Heart Shape Face Powder will help you to achieve the perfect tone. For lips - dark beige and coral lipstick with a stick in the shape of a heart.

Best Spring Makeup Collections - 2018

The corrector-hailiter (2 985 rub.)palette with rouge and powder (4 225 rub.)lipstick (2 735 rub.)


A new collection of French Temptation and want to eat. She seemed to come from the Paris Laduree. A set of cream blush, for example, looks exactly like packaging with macaroon cakes. Sweet pink tint for lips is like jelly with flower petals, and a palette for eye makeup is like a box with multi-colored candies. Shadows, by the way, are highly pigmented, but have a light creamy texture - and a beginner can handle them with the creation of a bright spring make-up. The collection also included a color eyebrow gel, four pastel shades of cream shadows ("Tender Vanilla", "Matcha Latte", "Milk Rose" and "Playful Lavender"), nail polish in three new colors and a two-color kushon (due to the greenish the pigment, it perfectly hides the redness and evens out the tone).

Best Spring Makeup Collections - 2018

Eyebrow gel (2 216 rub.)Tint for lips (2 251 rub.)cream blush set (3 500 rub.)palette of shadows (6 500 rub.)


Life in pink is about the new spring collection of Dior Glow Addict. It includes two palettes of shadows (in the first - four pale pink hues and one burgundy, in the second - champagne, fuchsia and coral). Also in the collection are five new shades of lipstick Dior Addict Lip Glow (all pink, of course, but of different saturation), which not only decorates, but also cares for lips thanks to cucumber extract and mango oil in the composition, and radiant powder, it is also delicate highlighter.

Best Spring Makeup Collections - 2018

Tint for lips (2 420 rub.)palette of shadows (3,281 rubles)highlighter (4,070 rubles)


Chanel Creative Makeup Director Lucia Pick misses his native Naples. And, like a true artist, transforms this longing into something beautiful. In this case, the new spring collection. The main "pearl" Neapolis - New City, a palette for lip makeup. It has two means: thick balm and red powder, which should be applied on top of this very balm, you can directly fingertips. The result is a matte finish and the effect of kissed lips, which does not lose relevance.

The collection also includes a palette for eyes, which consists of matte, pearl and shimmer shades,blue lip gloss (do not be afraid, in fact, it gives an almost transparent coating), turquoise monoteni and nail polish in the same shade.

Best Spring Makeup Collections - 2018

Eyeshadow palette (4 538 rub.)lip makeup brush (2 760 rub.)lip gloss (2 265 rub.)nail polish (1 949 rub.)


The French house Givenchy - one of the few who this spring offers to choose not only pink and peach shades. In the center of their new collection is a contrast palette of shadows. It is brown, orange, blue and white. Ideal for creating bright makeup with geometrical clear transitions. Among the novelties are also a highlighter in the cushion format, a stick for matting the skin and a shining concealer.

Best Spring Makeup Collections - 2018

Corrector (2 730 rubles.);palette of matte eye shadow (4 790 rubles)tonal facility (4 090 rub.)


Nars did everything so that the process of applying cosmetics was as simple and pleasant as possible. Their new cream shades in the format of pencils lie perfectly flat and easily shade. The same can be said about the liquid blush with a shimmer, presented in a brick-red shade. Lip gloss, also aged in a brown-coral scale, gives a dense coating - with its help it is ideal to create a make-up with an emphasis on lips.

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