Benefits of Free Swaddling a Newborn

Unlike tight swaddling, free gives the child a feeling of comfort and safety. With such swaddling a newborn can be in a natural posture for him, which excludes tight swaddling. In addition to restricting freedom, because of tight swaddling, it becomes difficult for the baby to breathe, there is a danger of overheating.

Free swaddling features

The free or enveloping swaddling allows the newborn to quickly adapt to a new environment. In a cozy "cocoon", the crumb can move the arms and legs. However, modern parents often face criticism from grandmothers and great-grandmothers, who used tight swaddling when raising their children. It was believed that such a baby wrap forms the correct posture, eliminates the curvature of the legs. But in reality, straightening of the limbs does not help tight swaddling.On the contrary, due to the unnatural situation, impairment of blood circulation, the development of the child is slower.
With free swaddling, physical activity allows the baby to know his body. But at the same time the crumb will not be anxious, throwing up the handles, the space for movements will be a little limited. As it happened in the womb. Most often, free swaddling is applied at bedtime so that the baby can sleep peacefully, feeling safe.
An important advantage of free swaddling is the versatility of diapers. The swaddled baby will not wake up from the cold, as when covering with a blanket. In addition, diapers are more versatile than age-appropriate sliders and overalls. They will be the best choice in the cold season. One set of diapers enough for the baby at least six months.

When free swaddling is required

To signal the need for free swaddling can the child himself. Trying to give up the body and the sliders with the pants, the mother can, if the pussy wakes up often, is restless in a dream, interferes with herself with the movements of the handles and legs.In a warm cocoon made of diapers, the baby will be comfortable. To abandon the idea of ​​free swaddling is necessary if the child expresses discontent in the case of a violation of muscle tone. Also, swaddle during the day and at night the newborn is not worth it if the room is hot. So there is a risk of overheating.
With free swaddling, it is important to follow the correct swaddling technique. For this, it is worth exploring special videos. Common nuances are simple - the diaper should not be tied at the level of the hips or legs. The lower limbs must be bent at the knees for the child to assume a physiological posture (it is also called the “frog” pose). You can swaddle the baby completely, leaving the upper edge of the diaper at neck level, or partially, when the handles remain free.
The undoubted advantage of free swaddling is the absence of the greenhouse effect, the air circulates inside the diaper freely, so the baby will not sweat. Also with such swaddling baby lungs work to the fullest. It is proved that free swaddling helps to strengthen the immune system, early hardening. And, importantly, with free swaddling, the baby can sleep on its side or abdomen, in such positions it will be convenient for him.Do not forget about the development of touch, tactile sensations, fine motor skills with free swaddling, which doctors call the "golden mean".
Frequent swaddling is often recommended for the prevention of hip dysplasia.

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