Baptism of the Lord 2018 (Epiphany): Signs, Traditions and Divination January 19

January 19, all Orthodox Christians celebrate one of the most important holidays for believers - the Baptism of the Lord. According to the canons of faith, it was on this day that Jesus Christ was baptized in the rivers of Jordan and was marked by the Lord as his beloved son. Therefore, folk beliefs and the official church claim that the water on January 19 acquires special miraculous properties, and the Higher Forces on this day rejoice in the baptism of the Lord and are supportive of human requests. Therefore, our ancestors invented traditions, omens, plots and rituals, with the help of which you can enlist the support of the Light Forces for the whole year, and also developed a whole system of divination in the Epiphany evening. Moreover, fortune telling on January 19 is considered one of the most accurate, and making wishes on this day is an effective way to make your dream a reality.Here we will talk about the most effective Epiphany rites and divinations, as well as see why the Orthodox call Epiphany Epiphany.

Baptism of the Lord 2018 (Epiphany): Signs, Traditions and Divination January 19

Why Orthodox Christians call the feast of the Epiphany the Epiphany

According to the Bible, at the moment when John the Baptist baptized Christ, and Jesus emerged from the water, a dove came down from heaven to the Savior of mankind, and then the voice of God sounded, saying: "This is my beloved son, my favor is in him". Jesus was a messenger of God to people, therefore the day on which the Lord communicated His will is called the Epiphany.

Another reason why Epiphany is called Epiphany is the fact that according to the Christian belief, at the moment of Christ's baptism, all the Holy Trinity was revealed to the people: God, who announced his will from heaven, the Son sent to earth and baptized in the river, and Holy Spirit in the form of a dove.

Enlightenment is another name for the baptism of the Lord

According to Christian canons, the holiday of January 19 is called not only the Baptism of the Lord and the Epiphany, but also Enlightenment. There are two versions of why baptism is called the Enlightenment. Perhaps this name came up with the first Christians who believedthat on the day of Christ’s acceptance of baptism, God gave people a chance to come out of the darkness to the light by giving them enlightenment with true faith.

Baptism of the Lord 2018 (Epiphany): Signs, Traditions and Divination January 19

Historians hold the opinion that the inhabitants of Byzantium were the first to call baptism the Enlightenment, since it was a tradition in this Christian stronghold to light fires and torches on the streets of the city on the night of January 19.

Baptism of the Lord: signs, traditions, making wishes

The baptism of the Lord is the final holiday of the Christmas season, beginning on January 7th. Moreover, Christians need to celebrate the Epiphany for 2 days - not only 19, but January 18 as well. On January 18, all Christians should keep fast, and for dinner the hostess should cook “hungry kutia” - kutia from rice, millet and honey. All family members should eat this kutyu, and the remnants of the dish should be given to pets before January 19. And of course, in Baptism, all believers must attend the church, defend the service and collect holy water.

But besides the church rules and dogmas, how to celebrate the Epiphany, there are also folk customs, what to do in Baptism - signs, traditions, making wishes, and even divinations for love and the future. Our ancestors always paid attention to what the weather is for Epiphany, because it was believed that it can be determined by it what the next year will be like.And the most accurate epiphany signs are:

  • If the morning of January 19 is warm and overcast, the year will be fruitful.
  • If trees are heavily covered with frost or snow at Epiphany, it will make the grain well.
  • Severe frost in Epiphany - to drought in summer.

Baptism of the Lord 2018 (Epiphany): Signs, Traditions and Divination January 19

Traditionally, in Epiphany women were forbidden to carry water until one of the male members of the family brought holy water to the house. Also, folk traditions recommend to paint crosses on windows and doors with wax or soot of a church candle on the night of January 18-19 to get protection from the Light Forces.

How to make a wish for baptism correctly

Since it was believed that at Baptism good spirits especially favored people, on this day both women and men made their most secret desires and asked for help and blessings in God, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In order to make a wish for the Epiphany, you do not need to observe any complicated ritual or perform a long ceremony - it is enough to go out on the night of Epiphany and, raising your eyes to the sky, in a whisper make your request. The main thing is that this request should be kind and come from the heart.

Holiday Baptism: signs and divination on January 19 at the Epiphany evening

Baptism of the Lord 2018 (Epiphany): Signs, Traditions and Divination January 19

The holiday of baptism and signs and divination in the evening of Epiphany are inextricably linked in the popular mind. According to statements by knowledgeable people, it is best to guess on the Epiphany Eve and on the night of January 18-19. The people came up with a lot of Epiphany divination, with the help of which you can know your future and prospects in any area of ​​life. And here are the most accurate and simple fortune telling, which are suitable for residents of city apartments:

  • Guessing on the groom.This fortune telling for girls, who are cared for by several guys at once. A girl needs to take as many apples as her fans, and write the name of one of the boyfriends on each apple. Then you need to turn off the light, mix the apples and bite off each piece by piece. The sweetest will be an apple with the name of the most suitable candidate for a husband.
  • Divination for prosperity.This divination is very simple. You need to take three plates and a coin, hold them in your hands, and then ask someone to hide the coin under one of the plates. You can not see exactly where the coin is hiding. Then you need to try to guess exactly where the coin is located. If the fortune-teller found the coin from the first time, the year will be financially successful for him; wait a second timeSignificant revenues do not follow, but there will be no losses; from the third - material losses are likely.
  • Divination for prophetic dream.Before going to bed, on the night of Baptism, you need to open the window and say into the darkness "Saint Samson, show a festive dream about the future».

Baptism of the Lord 2018 (Epiphany): Signs, Traditions and Divination January 19

Is it possible to guess the Orthodox baptism of the Lord?

According to the canons of Christianity, it is impossible to guess either at the baptism of the Lord or on other days — it is a sin. However, the people believed that the sin of fortune-telling at Christmastime was washed away with water that was poured into the Epiphany, therefore from January 7 to January 18 you can guess, the main thing is to dip into the hole on January 19.

People's conspiracies and rites for baptism (Epiphany)

Both healers and ordinary people use plots and rituals for baptism (Epiphany) to enlist the support of higher powers and attract wealth, happiness and love to the house. There are also many baptisms for health and healing diseases.

Most conspiracies in baptism are pronounced over holy water. And it is not necessary to slander the water brought from the church - on January 19, any water collected in a well or a natural source is considered holy.

Baptism of the Lord 2018 (Epiphany): Signs, Traditions and Divination January 19

The strongest conspiracies are the following:

On health:«Heal, O Lord, my body and soul, for I am a sinner (sinner), and my soul and body ache in sin. Heal, please, Lord Jesus Christ, our Eternal Father Heavenly Son, my body from ailments, from dryness and aches, from blood and pain. Heal my soul from envy, hatred, and malice. Heaven on this day open to us, sinners. Lord Jesus Christ, please, fill my body with strength and health, and my soul with peace of mind. For the glory of your Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit. Amen!".Conspired water should be put in a dark place and drink a spoon every day throughout the year.

On prosperity:«The holy water came into the house and brought prosperity. Losses will pass this house, and wealth will come every day. Good luck in everything will accompany me, failures in nothing I will not know!". A vessel with conspiracy water should be added alternately to all rooms of the house and spray the corners with a small amount of water.

For good luck:«The Lord was baptized in Jordan - the world was revealed to the world. As true that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, it is also true that I have enough strength for everything. The Lord reigns and commands, the Lord helps me in all matters. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!".Conspiracy water should wash in the morning.

The effectiveness of rites with the Epiphany water

The fact that the water recruited to the Baptism of the Lord, which is also called the Epiphany, has special properties, people knew even centuries ago. Despite the fact that Orthodox priests do not support the traditions, signs and rituals associated with holy water, knowledgeable people are sure that making wishes and plots on it really work. Therefore, those who want to be happy and healthy throughout the next year, as well as wash off the sin of divination at Christmastime, it will be useful to collect and start talking water on January 19 to drink it in a spoonful every day.

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