Ballerina plus size destroys ballet standards

The instagram hashtag #plussizeballerina, under which girls of non-standard sizes who want to dance on pointe, post their photos. They were inspired by Frostin Sheik, a ballerina from the USA - a short girl who can hardly be carried away by even the strongest gust of wind. What can I say, Frostin is generally very far from the ideal ballet parameters, but can throw a leg 180 degrees and demonstrate an enviable stretch! On her @frostineshake page, she proudly shows her dance skills and tries to encourage her followers: “You shouldn't give up your favorite activity. Understand once and for all that you are beautiful and no one has the right to forbid something to you. " Yes, Frostin will never dance on a big stage, but she shows us all by example how important it is to accept yourself as you are and love your body.

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