A bag and a little Gauthier

Posted by: MamaMarusia

I want to share with you my dress rework. I call these “bags” for convenience and simplicity. The decor is also simple in execution, except that it takes time. In general, the details below.

I bought a second size denim dress in the second size (you can't tell from the photo), it seems that it is even for pregnant women.

I didn’t really know how exactly I would alter it. To begin with, she divided the top and skirt, disbanded the assembly, removed the sleeves. Without the assembly, the neckline was very deep and wide, falling from the shoulders. She twisted and turned, put back on back - normally (in the photo the top has already been sewn to the sides).

A seam in the middle, and a deep triangular neckline, formed behind. Top made wide enough. On the back were the remains of chest darts - left as it is - they are not very noticeable.

The width of the back of the skirt was much larger, so she laid back the folds, but did not become the front, and a few centimeters, which cut off the sides, were useful for facing. It turned out like this.

Convenient "bag", but boring. And in the daddy “It is necessary to do” so many things ... It has long dreamed of “covering up” soutache embroidery from the Gauthier SS’12 collection.

Despite the fact that the silhouette of my dress is not fitted, I decided to take a chance.At Gotye, embroidery was made on a machine, I am not capable of such feats - I sewed it with hand stitches.

She understood perfectly well that she was so elegant and subtle as in the original, it would not work for me. The pattern on the fabric painted by hand, in some places simplified, but in general - recognizable.

It took about 25 meters of sutazh. Ideal work will not be called, but for the first time in my life - quite. It’s realistic to embroider in 3-4 evenings, but I'm a fan of “stretching pleasure” - I managed to do it with rare forays in a week and a half).

It looks original, not to mention that it is very convenient. You can wear with absolutely any shoes: sandals, sneakers, sneakers, oxfords, etc. On his heels, like here, even elegant.

Below are a few examples of similar cut dresses. They sew easily, but they can look very interesting.

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