Back quiver for arrows

Materials and tools:

  1. PVC pipe (wide from 10 cm in diameter);
  2. fabric (of your choice);
  3. pieces and stripes of leather;
  4. needle and sewing thread;
  5. nylon belt (from a briefcase, equipment or buy in a sports shop)
  6. board;
  7. fabric glue and epoxy glue
  8. sandpaper;
  9. stationery (construction) knife;
  10. drill and drill;
  11. hammer;
  12. handsaw;
  13. jigsaw.

Step 1

Take a PVC pipe and cut the required length, depending on the length of the arrows (about 60 to 85 cm). We will measure the inner diameter of the PVC pipe, draw a circle with the resulting diameter, and cut it around the circle with an electric jigsaw - this will be the bottom of the quiver; try to put the "bottom" inside the pipe and, if necessary, trim and adjust the "bottom" file. Sandpaper, we treat the edges of the pipe, making them smooth and smooth, and thoroughly scribe the surface of the "bottom" of the quiver.

Step 2

Take the PVC pipe and the "bottom" of the quiver, apply epoxy glue along the edge (edge), carefully and precisely set the "bottom" of the quiver to the inside of the PVC pipe and leave it to dry.

Take the selected fabric and cut a piece: in height - the length of the PVC pipe + 1-2 cm; length - the length of the circumference of the pipe (can be measured with a flexible meter) + 0.5-1 cm.

Clean the surface of the pipe from dust and dirt and degrease, gradually applying glue to the pipe, glue the fabric to the pipe; the fabric protruding beyond the length of the pipe is glued to the bottom of the quiver blank, so gradually we seal the entire surface of the pipe with a cloth. When everything is finished leave until the glue dries.

Finally, fix the "bottom" in the pipe, to do this, drill several holes (3-4) in the pipe (near the bottom) and hammer in nails (or better tighten the screws).

Retreating from the bottom 10-15 cm (you may have another distance), drill 2 holes at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other; we'll do the same on top of the pipe.

We will sell in the received leather strips (belts).

Step 3


Decorate the top and bottom of the quiver. Take another fabric (in this case, a black velvety fabric). Cut 2 strips for the upper and lower parts of the quiver (the lower strip, approximately 2 times the upper one) with a length to wrap the quiver around (the circumference of the pipe). Fold the strip in half, mark the edge and cut out the holes (the bottom strip is 2; the top one is 3) to tie it with leather stripes.

The bottom strip is simply wrapped around the bottom of the quiver and laced with leather stripes, tight enough so that the strip of fabric does not fly off. We do not cut the leather laces, we leave them like this - it looks more beautiful.

We also wrap the upper strip around the upper part of the quiver, but leave a few centimeters above to bend the fabric inside the pipe, and lace it with leather stripes. The fabric that remains on top, cut with scissors, spread the edge of the pipe and the inside of the pipe with glue and fold the fabric inwards, sticking it to the pipe.

Step 4

Take a nylon strap and make loops at both ends. It is better if you find or buy in the store belt with hinges or carabiners at the ends and the possibility of adjusting the length of the belt.

We will close the seam and at the same time make a belt clip. Take a wide leather strip (or nylon belt), cut the necessary length. Starting from above, we fix (with glue) inside the quiver, then we will sell through the belt loops (or fasten the belt to the strip with the help of leather laces), and exactly along the seam we glue the leather strip in the middle (so that the belt loops are fixed on the top and bottom of the quiver) , bend the strip down and glue (construction stapler) attach it to the bottom of the quiver.

A back quiver for arrowsis ready. You can give it to your friend a lover of archery (crossbow) or wear it yourself. The quiver will not interfere with and hamper your movements during shooting and while moving and will emphasize your character and personality.

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