Autoimmune thyroiditis

Hello, after giving birth 11 months have passed. My height is 162. Weight was 72 kg a month after delivery. And kept all the time up to 8 months. After sharply added 18 kg, lost periods (before that were regular). Was at the gynecologist and endocrinologist. The gynecologist put on amenorrhea and prescribed duphaston, and then to her, depending on whether her period starts or not. The endocrinologist placed autoimmune thyroiditis and told to retake the analysis in a month. But weight gain did not explain nothing. What could be such a sharp increase and what to do next? Ate as before. Almost eliminated the sweet



To be honest, I find it difficult to answer your question. But an increase of 18 kilograms in three months is on the verge of science fiction. With high probability, part of the weight due to edema. But in absentia, without inspection and analysis, I have nothing to advise you. Autoimmune thyroiditis itself (without hypothyroidism) cannot be the cause of weight gain. It is necessary to undergo a full examination and look for the cause. On nutrition - remove snacks.Food - three times a day in portions of 350-450 grams. Water 30 ml per kg of weight calculated by the formula height in cm minus 100.

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