At what temperature to plant radishes in the greenhouse

Radish is a picky culture, as it grows well and develops at a low temperature and a short light day, however, provided that the plant is planted in the loose fertile soil of neutral acidity. Due to these cultural characteristics, many gardeners sow radish seeds in greenhouses in early spring in order to try these vegetables containing a large amount of vitamins as early as possible.

Although radishes are unpretentious, however, in order to grow a decent crop of these vegetables, it is still necessary to know some nuances of planting and caring for this type of plant. First, for germination the seeds of a culture require a temperature not lower than 20 degrees (no, some seeds are able to ascend at +2 degrees, but these are single specimens), but the plants themselves develop well at lower temperatures - 15-16 degrees. Secondly, the optimal light day for seedlings is 12 hours. From the above, we can conclude that in central Russia radishes can be planted in a greenhouse without heating in April, and in the more southern regions of the country - in March.

Also, do not forget that only certain varieties of radish are suitable for planting in the greenhouse, which are perfectly developed in greenhouse conditions. By planting them, you do not have to postpone harvest.

What varieties of radish is better to plant in the greenhouse

Radishes are planted in the greenhouse by those who want to get the harvest as early as possible. However, the speed of ripening vegetables to gardeners is important not only to taste the fruits faster, but also to not be late with the harvest of other crops in the greenhouse, for example, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc., after harvesting. which ripen in 15-20 days, these include:

  • "Ultra Early Red" (ripens 20 days after seed germination, the leaves of the crop are used in salads);
  • "Children's F1" (ripens in two weeks, at a temperature below 20 degrees - in three weeks);
  • "18 days" (from the name it is clear that the average rate of ripening of a variety is 18 days);
  • "Firstborn F1" (of all the above varieties, the fruits of this are the largest (up to 35-40 g)).

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