At the fashion week in Milan on the catwalk came the model with the "triple" breasts

Italian streetwear brand GCDS exceeded all expectations in an attempt to stand out at Milan Fashion Week. On the catwalk came the models in sports bras, under which one could clearly see the chest, at the same time ... one more than it should be.

In an interview with the women's magazine Women's Wear Daily, creative director of the brand, Giliano Calza, said that the image was inspired by the idea of ​​a future in which there are no computers and humanity has to re-learn to create everything with its own hands.

“I work in a team of young people under 30 and want to tell our contemporaries about the future, make them think about plastics, water scarcity and the environment,” explained Giliano. “With this show we want to wake up our generation, which must understand that the period of development will someday end.”

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Publication from GCDS (@gcdswear)Sep 22, 2018 at 2:05 am PDT

Why should humanity at the same time create a third chest, the designer kept silent. It remains to hope that the future, as it is represented by Giliano Calz, will never come.

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