Artificial stone - the king of decor

The history of artificial stone dates back several decades. Until recently, it was used only for exterior cladding of buildings. Nowadays, this finishing material has found its place in interior design and has become an indisputable competitor to natural rocks.

The name "artificial" is not controversial, but is defined in part, as the stone dies themselves are made from natural components (sand, gypsum, cement) with the addition of pigment (dyes). The fact that a person, not mother nature, had a hand in the birth of this decorative tile does not make it a less attractive and valuable find for decorating interiors. The technology of production of artificial stone is not burdensome. Now she was gladly mastered in Russia. So it can be said that the buyer does not have to overpay for shipping costs, customs clearance of goods and other merchants cheat.In addition, the Russians do something with their own hands irrepressible. Home craftsmen have learned how to make dies that mimic the natural equivalent of their own, thus reducing the cost of the most popular material to a minimum. But this is not the point. Our goal is to reveal all the endless possibilities and advantages of an artificial stone that can transform a decor, make it elegant and not like others.

To begin with, we will look at a number of advantages inherent in a man-made tile, closely resembling the texture of granite, slate, marble, rock, buta and even wood chip. If to make a comparative characteristic of artificial stone and natural, then on some points the superiority of the first is revealed. For example, the weight of a hand-made stone is significantly lower. Therefore, the work on its styling is simplified. The cost of 1 m2 of artificial stone is not high, which makes it accessible to literally all segments of the population. In addition, there is no sharp price drop depending on the appearance, color and texture. In other words, the consumer has the opportunity to get a chic finish without significant costs.It is logical to indicate the potential of artificial stone in terms of copying the relief and texture. Here we also note that some manufacturers offer non-traditional forms of forms - fantasy panels, repeating original paintings, the seabed and mosaic fragments.

The ultimate strength, durability of artificial stone is very high. During its operation, the original color is preserved. Do not affect it and sudden changes in temperature, which are characteristic of our climate. Due to its hydrophobicity, it is safely used in “wet” zones, such as bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, loggias, baths, and swimming pools. Refractory characteristics allow lining of fireplace portals, hearths and stoves. Of course, artificial stone belong to the category of environmentally friendly building materials, being one of the most hygienic. Care of the surface of it does not cause much trouble. Soapy water or a product containing ammonia, a soft cloth, is all you need for cleaning.

It's time to talk about the area where artificial stone is used. This range is absolutely endless.Some areas are listed above. Columns, framing window, doorways, mirrors, paintings, design of corners and slopes, basement, stand-alone consoles designers successfully clothe in various relief forms. Excellent fragmentary accents of artificial stone on the walls look superb. They create the illusion of historical ruins, introducing unshakable antiquity into the overall design concept. The idea of ​​combining the monumentality, the rough expression of the surface of the tiles and the tender green of the plants is used in the embodiment of the design ideas of the recreation and relaxation areas.

As we can see, the artificial stone is rightly called the king of decor. He will easily change the “portrait” of any room beyond recognition, while consoning with other elements of the environment, without destroying the general idyll.

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