Apple salad with nuts in caramel

Apple (green)2 piecesGreen Salad (mix of different salads)200 gramsWalnut (or pecan)3/4 stack
For refueling
Olive oil3 tbsp.Orange (juice and tsp. Zest)1 pieceMustard (Dijon)1 tspWine vinegar (white)1 tbsp.Salt and pepper)
For caramel
Brown sugar1/3 stackButter2 tbsp.
  • Servings:
  • Flow temperature:Room temperature
  • Season:year round

Prepare the nuts: Prepare a sheet of parchment in advance by sprinkling it with olive oil. Heat the butter and sugar in a pan over medium heat, heat until the sugar is completely melted and begin to brown, then pour the peeled halves of walnuts (or pecans) and gently mix until they are completely covered with sugar syrup. Then remove from the pan and lay on the parchment until the caramel solidifies.

Prepare the dressing: at the bottom of the salad bowl, mix the orange zest with its juice, vinegar, mustard and oil, salt and pepper to taste.

Wash the apples, cut into thin slices, add to the bowl to the dressing with a mixture of lettuce leaves, mix everything carefully. Sprinkle nuts on top (they will have to be broken into smaller pieces), stir and serve again.

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