Aluminum wedding - wedding anniversary 37.5 years

Between the thirty-seventh and thirty-eighth year of joint marital life there is an excellent occasion for a holiday in a narrow home and friendly circle - an aluminum wedding, thirty-seven and a half years of strong family happiness. Aluminum, which is a symbol of this anniversary, although durable, but at the same time soft and flexible material, best characterizes the features of the relationship between husband and wife at this time, which with age have become more loyal to each other.

37.5 years from the date of the wedding - which wedding? Aluminum wedding - wedding anniversary 37.5 years

37.5 years from the date of the wedding - which wedding?

Lightweight and durable frame made of aluminum, moreover, absolutely not subject to corrosion. It seems that the skeleton of family ties is made of precisely this metal, once it withstood the test of time. Having passed hand in hand a solid life path by a stretch of 37.5 years, people become one. They raised children, waited for their grandchildren, survived many storms and many joyful events - you can relax and enjoy each other, remembering the past and making plans for the future.

A long time ago, aluminum made mirrors and jewelry, but today you can find nice gifts from it: small household trivia, jewelry, accessories. Fortunately, for the price of aluminum is much more affordable than gold, silver or other of their counterparts, precious metals. However, you can please the heroes of the occasion and other sweetheart souvenirs.

Now you know which wedding is celebrated for 37.5 years of marriage and what should be given on this anniversary :).

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