All the pros and cons: whether to celebrate the New Year together

Before the New Year there is not much time left, and you still cannot decide how to celebrate this magical holiday: in a noisy group of friends or together with your loved ones. Our tips will help you make the right choice.

�I am planning a magical day on December 31 and am torn between two options: go with friends out of town or stay at home with a loved one. I'd like to have a romantic evening with candles, champagne and aphrodisiacs. But I had a similar experience (with another man), and it was heartbreaking. At half-past twelve I already howled from boredom, went to wash the dishes and went to bed at one o'clock. In short, I have reason to be afraid of the �New Year in an intimate setting� event, �Maria, 24, asks for advice.

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We decided to investigate and asked the psychologists with the question �Is it worth it to celebrate the New Year together?� For example, Annette Orlova calls the joint celebration an excellent indicator of relationships.Especially for couples experiencing candy-bouquet period. This is a great test for those who have not fully decided on the long-term relationship. Being together on New Year's Eve is a wonderful promise to the future together.

Joint New Year is a great indicator of relationships, especially for couples experiencing a candy-bouquet period.

According to psychologist Catherine Kozlova, the New Year together is an opportunity to pay attention to each other and become closer. For all of us, the transition from one year to another is important, so this holiday, like no other, unites and unites.

The two people need to get ready for the New Year's meeting: one cannot allow everything to run free, otherwise frustration cannot be avoided. Ekaterina Kozlova, for example, advises to pay attention to two important points.

1. Misunderstanding

There is a danger of getting into a situation "I thought that you thought ...". Each of us has our own life baggage (attitudes, values, habits that we have in the family), and it may seem to us that a loved one looks at things the same way as we do. For example, you can�t imagine a holiday without champagne, tangerines and Bengal lights, but you would never think to buy them, because in your parental family your dad always did it.And when in the evening of December 31st you do not find the components necessary for the celebration in your home, it will be your beloved�s fault.

Therefore, plan and negotiate everything in advance. In addition, you may have different ideas about a good holiday, so be sure to discuss your desires, expectations and plans.

2. Waiting for gratitude

In companies, there is usually a division of responsibilities: someone is responsible for snacks, someone is responsible for hot things, someone is in charge of order in the house. If you plan to celebrate the holiday together, there is a risk that one of you will take the entire burden of preparation and organization of the holiday on yourself (most likely it will be you). In this case, on New Year's Eve you will unconsciously expect from your partner something enchanting and incredible, because every time we do something, we internally expect a reward for our work. And if the rewards are not followed, you will feel offended.

There is a risk that one of you will take the entire burden of preparation on yourself (and, most likely, it will be you)

Women are known to be able to think in both hemispheres, so that their thinking is so flexible. Men think mostly of the left hemisphere, so they are more logical, rational, consistent and rigid.Therefore, do not be discouraged if your chosen one did not respond to the congratulations you uttered at the moment when he was intently opening a bottle of champagne. He simply did not hear him, because he was extremely focused on another matter.

Also, do not be offended by your loved one, if suddenly he does not support your delight about the time of magic and miracles. The point is not at all that he is not happy with the holiday or is bored in your company, just men are more pragmatic and logical, and emotional perception is given to them more difficult than women.

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