All the major events of 2016 in two Google videos

Euro-2016, Eurovision, Olympic Games in Rio, Oscar, Pokemon GO, the US elections, Serov's show, farewell to David Bowie, Natalia Krachkovskaya, Oleg Popov and Muhammad Ali, a song about delightful pants and labutenes, "Student" Kirill Serebrennikov and "Crew" with Danilo Kozlovsky ... - Thanks to Google, we can recall all the events of the outgoing 2016. Before you #year in the search, or rather two videos that reflect the most important topics in Russia and in the world. In our video soundtrack sounds the words of the song "Cuckoo", which is performed by a small participant in the show "The Voice. Children "Yaroslav Degtyarev, and in the international - 12-year-old Grace Vandervol, which was remembered by spectators on the show America's Got Talent, sings Light The Sky.

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